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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This Template is for listing the values from the techtree.techtree file. It does not include the Tech link information found in the <AllowedTech> fields. For Tech link information, please use Template:TechRow.


None of the parameters have a default.

{{TechInfobox|TechName= |TechFamily= |RequiredTech= |Value= |CostMultiplier= |Group= |DangerLevel=}}
  • TechName is the Name field from the tech tree.
  • TechFamily is the Family field from the tech tree. This describes which Tech Tree on the Research screen the tech can be found under. There are 14 Tech Families.
  • RequiredTech is the Requires field from the tech tree. Note that this is not for listing techs that link to the tech described by the Name field. This is for the unlinked Prerequisites (such as the Anti-Matter energy Tech) and for Tech Groups that are required to research the tech.
  • Value is the Value field from the tech tree. It is not clear what this number is, since the research cost is set by the linking techs. Included here for completeness.
  • CostMultiplier is the CostMultiplier field from the tech tree. This will mostly be zero, but any section options that have a value here (like Reinforced Containment or Polysilicate Alloy) will multiply the section cost by the CostMultiplier.
  • TechGroup is the Group field from the tech tree. This describes a larger group that the tech belongs to. These groups can be used as unlinked Prerequisites, where once any tech from the group is researched the prerequisite is met.
  • DangerLevel is the DangerLevel field from the tech tree. This describes how dangerous it is to research this tech, with higher numbers indicating higher danger.


{{TechInfobox|TechName=Fusion Cannon |TechFamily=Energy Weapons |RequiredTech=n/a |Value=90000
|CostMultiplier=0 |Group=n/a |DangerLevel=1}}


Tech Name Tech Tree Unlinked
Value Cost
Tech Group Danger
Fusion Cannon Energy Weapons n/a 90000 0 n/a 1

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