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  • Any edits you make here can and will be reviewed, changed, edited, clarified, expanded upon, commented upon, used, redistributed or removed by just about anyone. If you do not want this done to your writing, then please do not submit it here.
  • Spamming will get you perma-banned the first time out. So don't let just anyone play with your log in.
  • Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!
  • Please be careful when uploading screenshots or other images from other sites. Often sites are protective of their exclusive screenshots and images and will put their logo or stamp on them. Uploading those shots can be seen as stealing hits from their site. If complaints are lodged the offending screenshots will be deleted without discussion. Check with that site's policies on screenshot use before copying.
  • Kerberos has given us permission to use on the wiki any screenshots that they release publicly on the forums, but no other sites have. You have been warned.
  • Using any screenshots that you take is up to you.