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Sol Force is an administrative body which extends its canopy over an extended empire of Human-dominated systems and worlds. It is divided into several different branches of service, and controls a huge range of military, scientific and civil affairs.

The largest divisions of the organization are its Civil Service Corps, Diplomatic Corps, Research and Development Corps, Intelligence Corps, and Military Corps. The military arm of Sol Force is further divided into Vacuum Forces and Ground Forces, which provide protection, support and labour to all other branches when necessary.

Citizens of Sol Force and the “Human” empire do not have to be Human beings. Civilians of many other races can co-exist with Humans and live peaceful lives on Human-controlled worlds, so long as they can tolerate terraforming which favours Human biology. However, the “Imperial Population” of the Human empire—the men and women who man the fleets and hold important posts in Sol Force and its territories—are all Human beings. Non-Human applicants are not permitted to join Sol Force itself.

The official motto of Sol Force is “Per Ardua Ad Astra”, “Through Hardship, the Stars”. The unofficial motto of Humans in space is “Repensum est Canicula”: “Payback is a Bitch”.

The leader of Sol Force is known as the Director. When you play Sword of the Stars 2 as "Humans", you will assume this role. [1]


History of Sol Force


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