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Release Date

The English language Digital Download version game was released on October 28th in a less than ideal state. Kerberos is working on fixes and updates with one update released on October 29th and another released October 31st. Further, players can expect at least 2 or 3 updates a week over the next month or so that will gradually make SotS 2 into what it should have been when it was released on October 28th. [1]

The Retail Disk version is currently scheduled for release November 14th, 2011. Localizations may be released either simultaneously or at a later date. [2]


There will be a Demo. For more in-depth information, please see the Demo Information page.

Digital Distribution

With a few exceptions, all major digital download partners carry the games Paradox publishes. So regardless if Impulse, Steam, GamersGate, Direct2Drive, Metaboli, etc. is a players go to choice, they should be able to get Sword of the Stars II on it. Paradox has updated the "where to buy" list on the official website with digital and physical retailers. [3]

The game is not a Steamworks game, but does support Steam achievements [4] and does require Steam for installation and patching. Stem is not required to play the game (unless you wish to use the DLC).


"When it is referred to as DLC, it is a product. When it's for free, it's called an update." [5]

Kerberos has created a series of downloadable content packs, which will allow people to try an alternative set of textures and voices for each faction. These DLC packs are completely bonus content and contain nothing at all that is crucial to victory. Kerberos simply made them for the player who wants more choices. These packs are the Liir/Morrigi immersion pack, the Tarka/Hiver immersion pack and the Human immersion pack.

In order to make the DLC collections more interesting and valuable to fans, Kerberos has also thrown in a few goodies like an extra set of leader portraits, extra lore pages for the in-game encyclopedia, and more art. [6] There will be no maps in the DLC packs. [7] There will be NO weapons, ship sections or tech sold via DLC. [8]

There are no multi-player issues with the DLC packs. [9] Initially, a player was going to need the same DLC as their opponent to see the opponents alternate texture use from that DLC. However, Kerberos was able to use the Steam updater to allow players without DLC to be able to see other peoples DLC skins and avatars in MP. [10] This change also means that to play even a Single Player game with the DLC enabled Steam must be running, though the game does not need to be started through Steam and Steam can be in offline mode. The DLC can only be turned on or off per race in a game, not per player position. [11]

The DLC will be purchasable at all the Digital Download stores that the main game can be purchased at. Updates (including bug fixes, balance changes, maps, scenarios and possibly even minor UI changes) will still be free.


Regardless of where you buy the game, Steam will be required for installation and updates ONLY. [12] However, none of Steam's DRM features are being used, so the Steam client will not be required to play the game. According to Mecron, the game WILL be playable anytime, anywhere. Installation and updating are the only internet requirement situations. [13]


Much like in SotS 1, Kerberos has plans for 2.5 expansions: Two full expansions, each with a new playable race, and one smaller tech, weapon and ship expansion that will not have a new playable race. [14] Several hints have been given about the nature of the expansion races. One of the races (possibly for the first expansion) will have a FTL drive that only works on one ship, though it is not a teleport gate [15] or carrier. [16] There is also a new tech tree for the tech forest. [17] The second expansion will feature the introduction of an abstracted ground combat system and a new race that’s "all about the taking and holding of ground". [18] Please see the Planetary Invasions page for more details.

End of Flesh

The first expansion for SotS 2, titled End of Flesh, was announced on November 16th, 2012. It was released on November 30th, 2012.

Features of the Sword of the Stars II Enhanced Edition include:

  • The new Loa race with a new drive for their ships – the Neutrino Pulse Gate
  • Over 25 new technologies including a new tech tree for cybernetics
  • 10 new weapons and attack systems
  • Expanded ship building options for all six original factions, including new Leviathan class ships
  • 2 new independent races to seduce or bludgeon into your imperial orbit
  • New random encounters and mission types
  • All previously released faction based DLC – the voices, the badges, the avatars, the skins...all of it.


SotS 2 does have a LAN option. [19]

Limited Edition

For some reason, the UK retailers insist on calling everything a Limited Edition Collection which is not really the case. There is be one retail version, which is the same across the board. [20]

Linux Version

Currently there is no word on whether a Linux version of SotS 2 will be created or not. However, it was possible to play SotS 1 on Linux by using WINE after some work installing required packages and setting Registry information. SotS 2 might also work under WINE, but this is untested and officially unsupported.


SotS 2 will be translated to German, Spanish, French and Russian. [21] Some online retailers are claiming that SotS 2 will be translated into Italian, but there is no confirmation of that from Paradox or Kerberos.


Russian localization is handled by «1С-СофтКлаб» under the name «Sword of the Stars II. Далекие звезды». It will be released in December. [22]

Mac Version

While a Mac version of SotS 2 won't be ready when the Windows version is released, the future promises a great deal of support for the Mac in terms of Kerberos projects. [23] It is unclear if that means SotS 2 will have a Mac version or if only future projects will. Also note that SotS 2 should work with bootcamp using Vista or Windows 7. SotS 2 might also work with other virtual machine or emulator programs but this is untested and officially unsupported.


There is both a large game manual as well as a supplemental manual covering the additions to the game made by the release of the End of Flesh. Both can be found as links in the game launcher or by clicking below:


Pre-orders of the game came with one of the DLC immersion packs. All of the Digital Distributors except for Steam came with the Liir/Morrigi immersion pack. Steam came with the Tarka/Hiver immersion pack. The unreleased Retail Disk will come with the Human immersion pack.


Kerberos has committed to patching and updating SotS 2, with two updates within 36 hours of release. For update notes and version history, please see the Version page.


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