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This is a page on game info for the Loa Collective. For lore go to Loa

The Loa Collective

Strat Modifiers

The Loa have 80% normal population growth and IO. They have an 80% research bonus to AI related techs. They also receive no interest on their savings.

Starting Situation

The FTL drive of the Loa relies on Acceleration Gates to accelerate the ships to superluminal velocities, and that bonus will slowly degrade over time. Travel without the gates is possible, but restricted to sublight velocities.

Starting Techs

Loa start with the following techs depending on the number of starting techs. All techs are core for Loa.

  1. Xeno-Colloquy
  2. Plasma Focusing
  3. Drone Satellites
  4. Environmental Tailoring
  5. Reflective Coating
  6. Materials Applications
  7. FTL Economics
  8. Orbital Dry-docks
  9. X-Ray Lasers
  10. Heavy Planet Missiles

FTL Mechanics

Loa ships build gates between stars that act like artificial node lines. When within 1ly of a gate they travel at maximum ftl speed. When not within 1ly of a gate they decelerate. Gates cost cubes to deploy. The Loa can choose how fast they wish their ships to travel by choosing the distance between each gate. The minimum distance is 5ly.

Strategic Mechanics

The Loa collective has radically different strategic mechanics. The most important is their use of cubes. All Loa ships are formed from cubes. The Loa can build cubes in multiples of 10k in a range from 10k to 60k. They can also purchase the exact amount of cubes required to construct a specific ship. Right clicking on a Loa fleet will allow you to revert it to cubes or change its composition. Cubes have an endurance of 16 and cost 18 credits each. Cubes costs are measured in kilocubes. There is an upper limit to how many kilocubes can travel at FTL speed. Loa consume cubes when colonizing, doing field repairs, replacing riders, and deploying NPGs. There is currently no cube cost for stations. Cubes are helpless and do not appear in tactical combat. If a fleet is defeated any spare cubes will be destroyed.

Loa colonies also work differently. They pay no maintenance and have no corruption. Loa population growth is based on a combination of growth potential and tax rate. Growth potential is a planetary attribute derived from the solar activity of the star and the amount of biosphere over 0 that the planet has. Lower taxes produce higher population growth. Loa consume an assimilator when colonizing. The cube count of the fleet determines how fast the biosphere is removed and the colony becomes self sufficient. Barren worlds are still not colonizable by the Loa. The "Green Thumb" admiral trait has no effect on the terraforming of Loa colonies, as those ignore climate hazard entirely.

Loa can trade but cannot build police cutters.

Loa do not receive interest. If the Loa go into debt it freezes all production, research, and population growth until they are no longer in debt.

Loa are immune to boarding.

Unique Techs

Loa do not get access to the Cybernetics and Psionics trees. They also have very limited access to the Biological tree. However, they automatically receive Artificial Intelligence on researching Expert Systems. The general 50% research bonus is not conveyed however.

The 4 unique drive techs are Neutrino Pulse Accelerators, Standing Neutrino Waves, Mass Induction Projectors and Neutrino Blast Wave.

Note: Loa have the most 100% techs chances of all the races.

(do they recieve anything special)

(Not right now to my knowledge but they are meant to --Wingren013 17:31, 6 March 2013 (UTC) )

Unique Sections

Loa have the Assimilator, Construction Unit and Neutrino Pulse Gate. They have Listener instead of Deep Scan. All Loa command sections also count as an AI command section. Their War cruisers also mount a VH turret.

Diplomatic Relations

(modifiers to relations and such)

Starship Notes

Loa turn 1 ships tactical combat speed is the 3rd fastest in the game after Zuul and Hiver. Loa ships have the worst armor and strongest structure in the game. Loa armor cruisers have the most turrets in the game together with Zuul. See general faction turn 1 armor cruiser comparison sheet for details.



Loa as a Race


No climate range. Prefer a lack of biosphere and suns with low solar activity.

Civilian Behavior

Loa suffer extra morale effects from debt.Loa civilian colonies seem to appear less often. This may be to balance the ability to colonize anything.

Slave Quality

Loa walkabouts are the most productive and longest lived slaves. Their planets are prime targets for slavers.


Killing Loa civilians on conquered planets and independent colonies will anger the Loa. Loa civilian colonies behave the same as most civilian colonies but are more reluctant to join empires not of their race than other civilian colonies.


Loa receive a reduced morale penalty for overpopulation. They have a very high morale penalty from debt.