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Player may construct some static defences which are independent of fleets. These can be broken down to ships, stations and planetary installations. Each defense has its own pros and cons. There is no ultimate defense (though Asteroid Monitors come close).


Paramilitary training.png The most basic defensive ship is the Police Cutter. Police cutter is in-between battlerider and a drone in capability, with some medium and small turrets. Police cutters reduce piracy; five police cutters eliminate piracy. Zuul cannot build police cutters. Pirates are afraid of Zuul. Police cutters are not suited for 1 on 1 combat with enemy cruisers. In the event of a pirate attack any police cutters in the system will spawn in a defensive position around the freighter. They cost 1 CP each. Requirements: FTL Economics

Micronode drives.png Humans alone have the Node Fighter and Torpedo Node Fighter. Node Fighters carry two medium turrets in Strafe configuration; Torpedo Node Fighter carries one torpedo mount. Although even weaker than Police cutter, their ability to use micronodes give them more flexibility in the appropriate systems. Requirements: MicroNode Drive, Anti-Matter, Node Pathing, Reinforced Containment(, Torpedo Capacitors for Torpedo Node Fighter)

Stealthed facilities.png A (much) more advanced defensive ship is the System Defense Boat. It is in-between battlerider cruiser and dreadnought in capability. All SDBs have small and medium turrets; depending on the race, there may be large turrets, Polaris heavy ship missiles, Strafe mounts or even drones. SDBs are based in hidden installations and thus require stealth technologies to construct. You need to click on their icons to activate them during a tactical combat; they do not auto-deploy. They cost 3 CP each. Requirements: Stealthed Structures, Stealth Armor, Heavy Planet Missiles

AntiMatterMine.png A Mine Layer is a simple cruiser-class ship which is capable of deploying a single 5x5 minefield from the battle manager. Minefield uses the latest mine technology developed. It also carries small turrets and, for Loa and Zuul versions, medium turrets. Prerequisite: Group Mines


Asteriod Monitor.png Asteroid Monitors. Typically armed with small, medium, and large mounts as well as Polaris missiles. They cost 6 CP each. Prerequisites are Monitor Construction, Deep Space Hangars, Heavy Ship Missiles.

Deepspace hangers.png Battle Rider Satellites house three destroyer-class battleriders. They carry medium and light turrets. These should be deployed with prejudice due to the expense of the riders. This platform has the highest effective engagement range. Unlike drone sats these are well suited to countering unknown menaces. They cost 3 CP each. Requirements: Deep Space Construction, Deep Space Hangars, Heavy Platforms, Battle Riders.

Drone Sats.png Drone Satellites house six drones and can carry medium and small turrets. They can be upgraded with advanced drones. Changing drones can be done in Retrofit; complete redesign is NOT necessary. These are the preferred early game defense and are useful supplements and/or replacements for Battle Rider sats. Due to the PD proficient nature of most random menaces these are not an effective defense against such encounters. They cost 1 CP each. Requirements: Drone Satellites.

Hvy ship msl.png Missile Satellites are armed with heavy missiles, medium and small turrets. These are the most heavily armed platforms in terms of conventional firepower. Use of these against an enemy with Subversion is not recommended. They cost 1 CP each. Prerequisites are Heavy Ship Missiles and Heavy Platforms.

TorpSat.png Torpedo Satellites are armed with torpedoes, medium and small turrets. They can be rearmed after suitable torpedo research has been carried out. These are often a more practical choice than missile satellites when facing an opponent with good PD capability. These are a good alternative to BR sats for countering random menaces. They cost 1 CP each. Requirements: Torpedo Satellites, Deep Space Construction, Heavy Platforms, Group Torpedos.

Planetary installations

Planets start with a basic planetary missile, with one installation per 100 million population (Imperial and Civilian combined). This is identical to the IOBM weapon found on larger ships.

Turret installations.png Planets can be armed with surface-to-orbit Group Heavy Beams installations, with one installation per 150 million population (Imperial and Civilian combined). These are useful against targets engaged in orbital bombardments. This is the most powerful planetary defense in terms of raw firepower. The prerequisites are Turret Installations, Advanced Dreadnought Engineering, Anti-Matter, Group Heavy Beams.

Heavy Planet Missiles.png Beyond basic planetary missiles, planets can use heavy planetary missiles, with one installation per 200 million population (Imperial and Civilian combined). These are identical to Heavy IOBMs. Prerequisite is: Heavy Ship Missiles

MW missle.png Final missile upgrade for planetary defense is the MIRV missile, with one installation per 200 million population (Imperial and Civilian combined). These are identical to the MIRV IOBM. Prerequisites are: MW Warheads, Interceptors, MicroFusion Drives