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This category contains official SotS fiction released online, including some chapters from the novella included in the original Sword of the Stars Collector's Edition.


Arinn Denbo (Erinys on the forum), Lead Writer for Kerberos Productions, has set up a solid pipeline for publication of books set in the Sword of the Stars universe. If the republish of The Deacon's Tale sells moderately well, she should be able to publish a new SotS novel every six months. [1]

The Deacon's Tale

The Deacon's Tale, which was originally only available in the SotS 1 Collector’s Edition, [2] will be re-released sometime in October. [3] Arinn is trying to make it available world-wide and in all electronic formats [4] and as a printed book.

As of October 10th, 2011, the text and five appendices are all approved, with production of the book to begin October 11th, 2011. [5] As of October 13th, 2011, the very first e-version of the book was sent to Arinn for proofing. She believes that all e-versions of the book should be available shortly, and that it should be possible to obtain the printed version by the end of the month. [6]


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