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Rumor has it there are things so terrible wandering the depths of SotS space that even in the middle of a knock–down drag–em–out war, enemies could see themselves forming a temporary alliance against something…else.

Alien Menaces are considered to be one of four types: System Confined, Mobile Random, Mobile non–Random or a Grand Menace Encounter. These four types are defined as:

System Confined Encounter

Randomly generated upon Map creation, with the number appearing adjusted by a slider during Game Setup.
  • Does not move from generated location.
  • May also be generated by other Encounters.

Mobile Random Encounter

Generated encounters that have a percentage chance of happening per turn, adjusted by a slider during Game Setup.
  • Have an increasing chance of occurring every turn that a player is not in a combat.
  • Each combat that a player fights decreases this chance.
  • Will not (generally) occur if you have other combats that turn.
  • Will not occur before turn 25.
  • Will occur at a randomly selected colony in your Empire.
  • Can be detected by Science Stations one turn before they occur.

Mobile non–Random Encounter

An encounter that spawns from an in–game encounter that already exists, usually a System Confined Encounter.
  • May create additional System Confined Encounters (eg: Silicoid Queen).
  • Some can be detected by Science Stations one turn before they occur.

Grand Menace Encounter

One per game by default, defined by a slider during Game Setup.
  • May spawn Mobile non–Random Encounters (eg: Locust Hive World).

Defeating some of the Alien Menaces below will give the player monetary or research bonuses. When multiple allies defeat one of those menaces, all allies present get the full bonus. It is not split up.


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