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The term 4X represents the four phases of an empire building strategy game: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Kerberos Productions is working hard to make each phase as easy to learn and as fun as possible.


At the beginning of the game most of the playing field is unknown. The explore phase involves scouting out resources (in this case planets and systems) and finding the other Factions.

  • A crisp clean and easy to use 3-D starmap.


Once resources are found there is a race between players to acquire the most planets and systems in the most advantageous positions.

  • Point and click, star-to-star system movement in the strategic map with clear travel line indicators and smooth, zoom-in details.


Once free resources are taken the third phase involves working diplomacy options to ally and bully your opponents and to efficiently manage your colonies to have the best military, economy and technology.

  • Planets are not endless sinkholes of busy work. We want you to feel like an Emperor in SotS, not a local mayor worried about building movie theaters. In SotS 2, planets are focused centers of population and production controlled with a handful of easy to manage slider bars.


Combat and elimination of your opponents for the win!

  • SotS makes obliterating your enemies not only fun but one of the deepest tactical battle experiences around. Once again combat is one click to move and the other to shoot. From those basics you can tailor your experience all the way down to deciding where to drop each mine or which enemy turret to try to blow off first.