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Martin "Mecron" Cirulis, Lead Designer, CEO

"A Changed male Tarka has nothing on Mecron."


Enjoys the comedy stylings of Eddie Izzard.


Books...well too many to mention since reading The Stars My Destination when I was 8. It was given to me by someone with no idea wha it was about. They assumed all things about space were for kids.

Orson is a bit of a freak but the first ender book was good...not really that great for space combat though. Kind of like playing a whole game through the sensors manager. I think Cook's Starfisher trilogy is better space opera. Or the uplift wars books by Brin. Heck, even the old Lensmen books are fun for that though a bit over the top.

While there wasn't a lot of military in it, Hyperion still had some cool combat sequences.

My fave Star Wars is still the first one... Splinter of (or in) the Mind's Eye by Alan Dean Foster. ADF has done a lot of good lil books over the years.

Ah yes Zelazny. The real Master of the short, short story. And just an unrepentant idea man. He never belaboured his premise, never apologised for it. Just set it up and if you wanted to come with, great and if not you could go climb yourself. Far too much of modern SF either takes the super safe done to death route or just wastes dozens of pages in hand wringing and justification for existing.

Glen Cook's Black Company, arguably the best warfare centered Fantasy ever written.

I re–read Rama every few years.

Should probably accept the fact I am now old enough that the statute of orginality has passed on a lot of books and movies of my youth.


Am working on a theory that as people age they slowly transition from Marvel to DC.

As for the wildstorm stuff...REALLY liked The Authority till jenny sparks died. And Planetary is pretty much the best comic out there right now for us old folks with a sense of the history of super hero mythology.


30 years of playing games, 8 years of reviewing them and 6 years of making them.

As a gamer, my involvement goes back to the birth of PC gaming. It starts with Imperium Galactium on the C–64, SunDog on the Atari ST and about everything else 4X'y since then. I was a big fan of VGA Planets back in the mid 90's. Still remember being awed by the first wing commander on a friends PC.

All I can say is, I'm not so sure I want my first experience with Sword of the Stars to be multiplayer at the Kerberos offices... I remember "learning" how to play Command and Conquer at the hands of Martin's ruthless schooling. It was the kind of pwnage that lasts, scarring the psyche of the uninitiated. Spaceward Ho! was alot like that too... – Zombosis

I try and put in a few hours of City of Heroes, Battlefield 2 and Trackmania Sunrise.

Finished up playing Rome:Total War to death. Really looking forward to the Barbarian Expansion from those guys.

gah...don't infer that he should be playing you hate the kid or something? I still have flashbacks! – Mecron


Once the game is released I will always be happy to play with the fan base. As for getting people together to play...I think SotS will have a different kind of on-line community than has ever been seen for a strat game before, but its not like I am nostradamus or anything. So I tell you what, you buy the game and I will personally promise that I will ALWAYS have at least one open game going with the community and various Kerberos staff and you will always have a seat at that virtual table if you want it. Ok?

Previous Experience

I majored in AI long ago.

As a professional, the point of entry was writing for Computer Gaming World in the first half of the '90s. From there, I went on to write for a few sites such as C–Net and OGR during the glory days of the pre–internet bust era and had a somewhat infamous column, first in CGW and then on OGR. From there, an old editor friend who had gone over to Sierra as a producer asked me if I would like to do some story work on Homeworld. After another couple of consulting gigs on games like Ground Control and HW:Cataclysm, I joined Barking Dog Studios full time as a designer. Eventually, Barking Dog was bought up by RockStar.

For Ground Control, I did a bit of a overwrite on the campaigns. Came up with the crossover thing. Developed the characters. Did up the background on the 2 sides with the aid of Ms Dembo. Wrote the dialgue...though I didn't have final say on it and someone else at Sierra made a final pass to make it "less subtle".

I would say the two biggest aspects of my approach to game design are my training as a science fiction writer and, of course, my lifelong fascination with games of any kind.


B5 was easily the most important and influential SF series of the 90's. I have been a rabid fan from the start.

Horror Movies (my wife writes them).

Most anything by Joss Whedon, but especially Firefly.


What do you do to relax from the pressures of Development and how do you encourage your muses (creative sides) to inspire you to maintain the fine quality work we recieve from the team? --Sir Will

Will, innarestin question...Hmmm lets no given order...

  • Spending time with family...
  • Watching DVD's from my fairly vast collection...
  • Reading...
  • Organizing my comic collection...
  • ***Deleted by Mecron***
  • Arguing various subtle military, political, historical and fortean theories with Ms Dembo until the idea has been honed to a razor sharp point...
  • Yelling at the TV...
  • Walking my puptards...
  • ***Deleted by Mecron***
  • Playing board games or Wii with the family...
  • Hanging out at the Zodiac Club on Broadway...
  • ***Deleted by Mecron***
  • Steak...
  • Team BBQ's!!
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