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The Humans have a talent for broad versatility which they have taken with them to the stars. Human empires have a broad focus on research, and are equally adept at improving their planets, in the area of research and on the battlefield. This means that it will be entirely up to you what the strengths and weaknesses of your empire will be- making it more important to study the behaviour of your opponents. Humans also build dreadnought class ships slightly cheaper than other races, because of their propensity for large-scale construction.

Humans travel the fastest of all the races when they can find a node path directly where they want to go, giving them a distinct strategic advantage. However, sometimes a planet has no node path available at all, or it is blocked by an enemy planet or an unknown menace, requiring you to either travel sublight or go around.

Because you don't have a research focus, you don't have to concentrate on a specific area if you feel it's inappropriate to your current game. You also don't get stuck with a combat advantage if you're not getting into battle yet, making the human game less of a struggle to assert your racial advantage. Finally, you are strong in both the beginning of the game, with fast expansion and scouting, and near the end, with uninterceptable fleets, cheaper dreadnoughts, and blindingly fast travel times.

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