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There are no fighters in SotS. The smallest ship class is the destroyer. Destroyers carry a crew of 3 up to 15 or so depending on technologies and race.


I have my own idea as to how fighters will work if we ever put them in.

We are setting up a game that starts at the beginning of the space empire era. Destroyer class ships are a mere 30 meters or so long. Any starfighter type design would be a sizeable percentage of that size.

Better news for you is that destroyers ARE small and maneuverable compared to the big ships of the line. And many of the high powered weapons such as heavy beams, are not very effective against the dodging and swarming destroyers.

And in regard to your torp bomber fantasy, just upgrade that to a PT boat fantasy and it comes out to about the same. --Mecron


As for the lack of carriers, I don't have anything against them per se, but a large part of what balances out their power, (vulnerability, supply dependence, etc) tend to feel like busy work to players in real-time combat. Since we had a brand new drawing board with SotS, (and everybody and their dog using generic carriers and fighters in other games) we thought we would set a very solid tech and tactical basis for combat before expanding it out a bit in future games. But even then I suspect you will see things like battle-riders more than you will see generic starfighters. --Mecron

Design Philosophy

Everything, from exploration to ship building, was questioned down to its roots. And, don't take this the wrong way Gen Y, (or Z or whatever letter you guys are down to.) but these questions were asked by old timers. Gamers whose bloom is long enough off the rose that we don't just say "Fighters!! Why? Cause they are in every game!!!! Yayyyyy!". We say "Why fighters? Do they make any sense at the physical scale and tech of this game? Do we like games where they function like tiny capital ships?"

You can agree or disagree with our conclusions, that's fine. But before you throw yourself into it, try and think in the same terms we did. Question everything. SotS has always been a "restart" for the genre. Everything that made it into this game passed 2 criteria "Is it fun?" and "Does it have some reason to exists other than it is in every other game." If you can wrap your head around this basic premise then you will figure out this isn't really a debate. Questions can be asked and explanations made but thats really about it. All choices were made for a reason. Does that make us right all the time? Nope. Do we make our living by being right most of the time? Yep. --Mecron

Final Word

The final word on fighters is NOT that they take too much's that personally, I find the "star wars" version of them trite and done to bloody death. Fighters are knee jerked into every other space game in the world. Small attack craft of some kind that don't make me want to tear my eyes out with their lack of originality, definitely. But [if] you want "everyone else does it" features without any sort of style or merit...honestly...go hang out at some other design house 'cause thats never going to be the Kerberos way.

Shocking I know...but true. --Mecron

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