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Destroyers are the smallest class and can be built at the start of the game. They cost 2 command points and cost $500 maintenance per ship per turn, no matter what ship sections are used in the ship design.

Destroyers are approximately 30 meters long. In the early game Destroyers fill all roles in your fleet. Once Cruisers become available, Destroyers move to a support role in primary fleets. When Dreadnoughts start to be built, Destroyers move to even more specialized support roles like point defense, jamming and wild weasel, leaving the bulk of combat operations to the larger ships.

Crew complements vary from race to race due to psychology and physiology. Human Destroyers have a crew complement of 15 – 20 while Hivers have a crew complement of 30 – 40. Tarka Destroyer crews number about 10 – 15 and Liir Destroyer crews run from 3 – 8 members, depending on the design of the ship.

Destroyer designs can be named when they are created. Fleets can be renamed at any time.


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