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The contents of this page were introduced in Born of Blood.


The Zuul FTL drive is the Rip Drive. This technology allows the Zuul to forcefully rip a nodeline to another star. They use custom ships to bore the nodelines. After a nodeline has been created, any Zuul ship can use it, just like the humans. However, the drawback to creating your own nodelines is that they decay over time and with heavy usage. If a fleet, without a Bore ship, is in a nodeline when it collapses then all of the ships are lost.

RipDrive1.png The starting drive tech is the Rip Drive used in the Rip Bore ship. It allows up to 3 nodelines per planet. The nodelines last around 35 turns.
RipDrive2.png The next drive tech is the Rend Drive used in the Rending Bore ship. It allows up to 4 nodelines per planet. The nodelines last around 65 turns.
RipDrive3.png The last drive tech is the Radiant Drive used in the Radiant Bore ship. It allows up to 5 nodelines per planet. The nodelines last around 95 turns.

While in nodespace, Zuul ships can only be intercepted by Humans and other Zuul. However, their ships can't stop after the move order has been issued.

If they are intercepted in nodespace, a couple things to keep in mind. The first is that any ships without engines in nodespace either disappear forever or re-enter realspace catastrophically. So attacks against engine sections can be particularly damaging. The second is that any extended combat in Node Space will attract Specters, which can do severe damage to ballistic heavy fleets.

Other races can not see your nodelines until they research Node_Tracking: Zuul. This does not stop the smart player from tracking your lines manually.

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