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Every ship has a number of weapon mounts, determined by the race of the player and the sections used. Most mounts are turrets, which are divided into three categories - small, medium and large. There are also a number of special mounts for atypical or especially heavy weapons. When the ship is designed, the player selects a weapon of the appropriate size or multiple weapons of a smaller size to go in a mount.

Mounts are also arranged in banks. A bank of mounts uses the same targeting system and they all shoot at the same thing.

The speed at which weapons track and their ability to target is a function of the turret that is placed on the mount, which is not the same as the weapons that are mounted on it. So for example, mounting two small weapons in a medium turret will not provide good defensive fire, since a medium turret is too awkward and slow to track fast-moving missiles and mines accurately. Dedicated point defense weapons are mounted in a special point defense turret which can be placed in small turret slots and have improved targeting. The following weapons can be fitted in dedicated point defense mounts:

Standard Weapon Point Defense Variant
Red Lasers Laser Point Defense
Gauss Cannons Gauss Point Defense
Phasers Point Defense Phasers
Missiles Interceptors

Small turret mounts

  • 1 small weapon
  • Cannot carry a medium weapon
  • Cannot carry a large weapon
  • Special: Can mount a dedicated point defense turret

Medium turret mounts

  • 2 small weapons or
  • 1 medium weapon
  • Cannot carry a large weapon

Large turret mounts

  • 3 small weapons or
  • 2 medium weapons or
  • 1 large weapon

Special weapon mounts

The following weapons use special mounts. They are fixed mounts built into the hull of a ship section. The field of fire of such mounts is very limited and the weapon itself cannot be individually targeted. Instead the section or the whole ship must be destroyed.

Projectors however use special turrets which can be destroyed like any ordinary turret.

And finally there are deployable systems which detach from carrier ship upon activation. They are priority targets for enemy Point Defense.

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