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Torpedoes are energy based weapons. They require large amounts of power and can do high levels of damage as well as other exotic effects. Some track and can be shot at, others are direct fire and are too fast for interception.

Plasma torpedoes (Plasma, Fusion, Anti-Matter, and the Detonating versions) are very weak at point blank range and need to travel a distance to gain full potency.

All plasma torpedoes gain strength as they travel and lose strength for every point of damage that they take from enemy fire. Plasma torpedoes and Pulsar torpedoes are tracking weapons.

Other torpedoes (Photonic, Disruptors, EMP) are direct–fire weapons: can't be shot down, don't track targets, and aren't affected by range.

The first time you complete research on a type of torpedo, you also get the Torpedo Section to mount them on your ships.

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