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At this point in the Human understanding of the Universe, knowledge of the species known to the Liir as the Suul'ka is limited. However, mounting evidence suggests that the species that Humans call "Species Y" is the same species that is known to the Zuul as “the Great Masters”, to the Morrigi as “Suuligi” and is known by the Liir as “Suul'ka”. It is believed that they were a powerful military and technological force in this sector of the galaxy until a relatively short time ago. More information can be found in The Suuligi War sidebar.


"Suul'ka" is a fairly universal word for "enemy" among the Liir.

The Liir seem to use this word interchangeably with the name of an enemy race and a type of thought and behavior. "Suul'ka" as an adjective, adverb or noun seems to describe a state of thinking/acting which comprises sadism and the will to dominate, subjugate, kill and destroy. The closest Human equivalent would probably be some combination of "evil" and "entropy". A serial killer is "suul'ka"; a Nazi death camp is staffed by "suul'ka" and operated on the principles of "suul'ka".

Before the coming of the Zuul, it had been hinted that this word may actually have existed in the Liir language prior to their first contact with the race now known by the name, but obviously it was, and to an extent still is, difficult to gather information on this subject as the Liir are notoriously difficult to question about it. This is in part because the Liir do not wish to remember their time of servitude and its aftermath, and also because they do not wish to share any information which might put them at risk of repeating either experience.

No Human has ever seen a Suul'ka and we have no real idea what their ships looked like or how the Liir adapted their technology for their own use.

What is known is that the Liir were conquered and enslaved by the Suul’ka—a period known as the Domination. Like many other seemingly "primitive" cultures, Liirian bio-science and ecological capability was actually much more advanced than the technologies of metallurgy and manufacturing. The Suul’ka established several lucrative industries on Muur, the Liirian homeworld, and force-marched the Liirians through the Industrial Revolution by employing them as slaves in mines, factories and manufacturing facilities. This period of industrialization lasted for more than a century.

After several decades of abuse the Liir rebelled against their alien masters. The war was remarkably bloody in its early stages but finally ended when the Liir unleashed a bioweapon tailored to Suul’ka physiology on Muur.

It is impossible at this point to say what agent the Liir may have used or what vectors it followed. We only know that the resulting disease was so virulent and lethal that it appears to have quickly spread beyond the colony and completely eradicated the Suul’ka, at least from nearby sectors of space.

It is of note that bioweapons, although lethal, are by nature not 100% reliable and that it is possible that remnants of the Suul'ka remain. If so however, they will be in for a shock if they decide to return to reclaim dominion over their former slaves.

Space-faring was not a large step for the Liir after the Suul'ka were driven off; some Suul'ka facilities had already been partially adapted to use them as slave labor. The chief obstacle was breaking down the principles of their drive system and changing the construction facilities at the Suul'ka stardocks to produce Liir-friendly ships.

The current state of Liirian technology is a result of their successful rebellion. Prior to the invasion of the Suul'ka, the Liir would have been roughly equivalent to a Bronze Age culture. The former slaves of the Suul’ka quickly absorbed the abandoned technology of their old masters and have adapted the old drives, guns and orbital elevators to their own use.

It is the intention of the Liir to never submit to Suul'ka again.


Further communication with the Liir regarding the Zuul have discovered the likely origins of the phrase now used so vehemently.

Suul. It is the name that the Liir have given to the most profound cold, in the polar regions where the thick pack ice covers the sea so deep that not even an Elder's back can break it. It is killing cold, suffocating cold, cold that shuts out life and breath, that deafens and stills all voices. Winter, and death.

Ka. Song, soul, breath. The word means all three, and connotes the spirit that travels forth to touch the heart of another, to share pains and pleasures, to entwine and encircle, to shield and to share.

Together the two become Suul'ka.




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