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The contents of this page were introduced in the original Sword of the Stars.

Description: A mode of travel that creates movement by tiny teleports millions of times per second. It has poor maneuvering ability, especially near the gravity well of star systems, but has the advantage of being both an FTL and main drive unit at the same time.
Research Category: Star Drives
Research Cost: No Research Points
Required Technology: None (Starting technology)
Races Allowed: Liir
Effect: It is essentially inertialess, although there is still an interval of acceleration and deceleration.
It takes 100 seconds in Tactical Combat before a StutterWarp Drive is ready and retreat is possible.
Notes: All Liir players in all games start with this technology already researched.
Version: This information valid for Version 1.7.1 ANY-icon.png
New Technologies Available
Technology Research
Chance of Availability

Improved StutterWarp 30,000


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