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This convenient reference page archives links to various useful, informative, and occasionally amusing forum posts pertaining to strategy, tactics, and gameplay.

The original forum archive for these posts can be found here.

General Forum Posts

Tips for new players

Read Me First - New player intro

New Player Strategy Help #1

New Player Strategy Help #2

New Player Strategy Help #3

Economy details

Game Mechanics Guide for 1.8.0 -- Excellent summary of most major game mechanics, especially economy-related mechanics.

Colonization Economy Changeded -- Analysis of in-game economy changes over time

Colony Growth Rates (1.8.0) -- Continuation for 1.8.0 based on Colonization Economy Changeded

Ship Section Recognition Manual

Ship Section Images -- Design screen images for every ship section of every race


Collected TAR Summary -- A mostly complete list of TARs posted in the TAR forum

Featured TARs by Author

Author: Buatha

Author: DervMan

Author: Harperbrad

Author: Manty5

Author: Martinl

Author: Zed

Succession Games:

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