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Some of the more creative Ship Design Names...

Destroyer Design Names

"Not a Tanker" one of castewar's ship designs

"RichardsAJerk." All I did was attack one of his planets...
There were a few "RichardsAJerk Mk II"s!

"Fluffy Bunnies"

"Ant" Common Short-Ranged Hiver Design

"Wasp" Common Hiver Photonic Torpedo Design

Cruiser Design Names

"SongWeaver" for my Liir jammers

"Narn Bat Squad" Trusted Lieutenant: "Sir! We've got three Narn Bat Squad ships closing in on our position!" rasorow: "Narn Bat Squad? What are they doing here?" ...WHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAM! (preferably done with driver weapons)

"Spear of Flaming Justice" one of three Tarkan Missile-Cruisers present at the Battle of Zytokot X

"The Distended Abdomen" Hiver Command Vessel at the Battle of Zytokot X

Dreadnought Design Names

"I'm gonna git you, sucka!"

"Sir! We have a large Coconut Dreadnought approaching at ramming speed!"
"A coconut?"
Squish goes the humies

"Regretful Embrace" biowar ship

"Sword of the Ancestors' Wrath" Close-Range Dreadnought at the Battle of Zytokot X

"Spear of Insuferably Arrogant Vengeance" Long-Ranged Tarkan Command Ship at the Battle of Zytokot X

"Red Tide" Liir Assault/Barrage/AM Flickerdrive Dreadnought w/ AM Cannons, Cutting Beams, and AM Torpedoes

"Abbadon" Human Seige Driver Dreadnought at the Battle for Kao'Podar

"RagnaROCK" Another Human Siege Driver Ship

"Che'zokin" Hiver impactor dreadnought

Defense Satellite Design Names

  • Platform Shoes
  • Disco Platform Shoes light emitters upgrade
  • bad apple
  • sour apple
  • green apple for when you arm them with green lasers, of course
  • hard apple improved armour
  • Bloated Grub Heavy Hiver D-Plat with tractor beams, guass cannons and anti-matter cannons
  • Babylon 4
  • Deep Space 10


"Ezz'in" Hiver Construction Ship

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