Scribblings Of Planetary Assault

From SotS

These are the Scribblings Of Planetary Assault, written by Sevain to assist newer players in their first planetary attacks.

Thus spoke Sevain about assaulting planets. "Always remember the Scribblings Of Planetary Assault:

1. Thou shalteth not shoot at planet with Mass Drivers, Gauss Cannons or pitiful small mount lasers of any kind, should the planet have a population higher than One Million. Never firest at a planet with Emitters, for that is utter waste of time.

2. Thou shalteth bring a CnC ship atleast as large as the largest satellites your Enemy has on orbit, unless thou wishes for great many lost shipses.

3. The Proper Weapons of Planetary Purification are the Humble Assault Shuttles, the Unvaccinated Plagues, Loads Of Beaamzzz and the World Killer, Siege Drivers. Or, if none of those are obtainable, so many nukes that the entire planet turns to glass when hit by just half of them.

4. Thou shalteth Lay Siege to the systems thou wishes to Conquer. Allways hasthes at least one ship survive, in order to blockade the enemy while you send in reinforcements.

5. If thou hasth insufficient Missile Defence to fend off the Fury of the Defenders, just make sure you outnumber the enemy by great enough margin and charge at the planet.

6. Cloaking/Biowar/Engine cruisers are always Great Fun to bring against Someone who has no Deep Scanners."

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