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Not all travel in Sword of the Stars is faster than light, or FTL. Some circumstances, mostly very unlucky ones, will force you to travel slower than the speed of light.

Humans that get a very indirect route to a specific planet, perhaps blocked off by enemies or an unknown menace, can make it very beneficial for human ships to divert off their node paths.

Hivers have to travel slower than light (although their STL travel is very fast) to set up their gate networks. If an enemy or accident destroys your gate ship, often you will have to send one in slower than light if the planet in question cannot build one (yet).

Hivers must also send planetary assault fleets slower than light in order to set up a gate for reinforcements or colonization, at least until the development of FarCasters, and even then, the final up to 2 LY will need to be done at Slower-Than-Light.

When need arises Zuul can travel slower than light. This can happen due to limits of their node tunneling technology or to attempt a Deep Space intercept.

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