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"Any organism capable of religious faith is capable of superstition. The only difference between a religious belief and a superstitition is the number of people who believe it." -Arinn Dembo

The Liir spiritual worldview is both simple and profound. They have no separate sense of the divine as we would understand it. They believe that all things are equally divine and sacred; the universe itself is their "god" in essence. They make no philosophical or hierarchical separation between themselves and other living things, or even between themselves and non-living bodies like stars and planets.

The Liir conceive the Universe as one great Song—a vast tapestry of harmonious music. To a Liir, every physical object and living thing in the universe is another trembling chord, a pattern of vibrations, a sequence of notes. Everything is part of the Song. Everything that exists, in their eyes, is beautiful and necessary; if one cannot see that beauty, the fault lies within.

If the Liir perceive themselves as special in some way or separated in some way from the rest of the Song, it is only because they recognize the unique ability of all sentient beings to marvel at the music and to shape the world around them—to change the Song, even in a small way.

Whether the Liir conception of the Song implies the existence of a divine Singer is a subject open to debate. When asked whether there is or was a Singer—a Creator who was the author or instigator of the divine Song—most Liir simply create bubbles. If pressed, they all reply with the same question: "Are you not singing yourself?"

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