Pulsed Fission

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The contents of this page were introduced in the original Sword of the Stars.

Description: An improvement of the fission drive that releases plasma in high-powered pulses.
Research Category: Power Technology
Research Cost: 5,000 Research Points
Required Technology: Fission
Races Allowed: Hiver, Human, Tarka, Zuul
Effect: Increase in tactical ship speed.
Increase in strategic ship range. (Latter is claimed but not experienced in Zuul ships)
Allows ship designs to include sections based around pulsed fission drives.
Version: This information valid for Version 1.7.1 ANY-icon.png
New Technologies Available
Technology Research
Chance of Availability
Hiver Human Liir Morrigi Tarka Zuul
Long-range Fission Drive 10,000 100 0 0 0 0 0
Overthrusting 15,000 100 100 0 0 100 100
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