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The contents of this page were introduced in the original Sword of the Stars.

Description: (Random) A self-sustaining bolt of light wrapped in an EM field. This is a rapid pulse, direct fire, long range torpedo that cannot be shot down.
Research Category: Torpedo Weapons
Research Cost: 15,000 (None) or 25,000 (Disruptors) Research Points
Required Technology: None (Random) OR Disruptors (Random)
Races Allowed: Hiver, Human, Liir, Morrigi, Tarka, Zuul
Effect: Allows photonic torpedoes to be installed in Torpedo Mounts.
Fires in bursts of four.
Allows ship designs to include Torpedo Section.
Notes: Photonic Torpedos have a random chance of being available for research at the beginning of the game, with the following chances: Zuul – 20%, Hiver – 30%, Human – 90%, Liir – 40%, Morrigi – 50% and Tarka – 20%
Can be blocked by both deflectors and disruptors. The EM field is generated by a physical device about the size of a child's fist...impossible to hit and nowhere near large enough for guidance but still physical enough to be stopped by a deflector.
The damage stats below are per-torpedo. The weapon fires four torpedos per burst.
Version: This information valid for Version 1.7.2 ANY-icon.png
New Technologies Available
Technology Research
Chance of Availability
Hiver Human Liir Morrigi Tarka Zuul
Plasma Torpedo 30,000 20 20 30 50 40 30
Gluonic Torpedo 80,000 15 85 50 90 30 25

Weapon Statistics
(per mount)
HP Bonus
(per bank)
Recharge Time
(in seconds)
Torpedo 2,000 Special (Torpedo) 50 18 70,000 0.05 0
Range Band Range Targeting
Damage Duration
Ship to Ship Ship to Planet
Point Blank 850 0.01° 100 n/a
Effective 1,500 0.01° 80 n/a
Maximum 2,000 2,100 0.02° 40 n/a
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