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The contents of this page were introduced in A Murder of Crows.

While Civilian Populations are useful for both increasing revenues and generating additional Trade routes, they are also inclined to expect rather more from you than your Imperial Population.

Morale effects start to impact upon a Colony once the civilian population of a particular species on that Colony increases above 100 Million. One way to reduce the impact of morale events across your Empire, or even on a per Colony basis, is to reduce or restrict your civilian populations to levels below this figure.

High morale values increase the outputs of the Civilian populations. Low morale values incur the risk of rebellion and reduce the outputs of the civilian populations.

Morale Level Effects
20 At this level or below there is an Output Penalty of -50%.
25 At this level or below there is a chance of a Rebellion starting.
50 The starting morale level. Also the level morale resets to when the civilian population is below 100 Million.
85 At this level or above there is an Output Bonus of +50%.


Each species in the game has differing chances of rebellion at the lower morale levels.

Populations which rebel attack the Imperial population while any other civilian populations on the colony duck and run for cover. The death of all Imperial population indicates a successful rebellion and the loss of the colony.

A colony which has rebelled will become a neutral colony at the first opportunity.

"yes angry worlds will rebel and possibly go neutral. NO, we will NOT be powering up neutral worlds where they just become a full player because we assume if you wanted would just have put another player into the game." — Mecron

Morale Modifiers

There are two types of morale modifiers — fleeting and continual.

  • Fleeting morale modifiers are one off bonuses or penalties that are applied after various events.
  • Empire wide examples inlude bonuses for gaining a new colony or penalties for losing an existing colony.
  • Colony specific examples include penalties for losing a battle in orbit around the Colony or bonuses for winning a battle in orbit around the Colony.
  • Continual morale modifiers are recurring bonuses or penalties that are applied every turn depending on the situation either throughout your Empire or on a particular Colony.
  • Empire wide examples include bonuses for savings above certain values and penalties for imposing Temperance.
  • Colony specific examples include penalties for restricting Civilian population growth to less than 100% and bonuses for having all Trade routes active.

It is important to try and offset any continual morale penalties with continual morale bonuses. It is also recommended that you bolster morale at every opportunity to give you a buffer for when bad things happen. The research of Fusion and FTL Economics also allows you to build Police Cutters which minimally offset morale penalties.


  • It is the Savings Balance at the start of the turn which impacts the morale modifiers. You can spend yourself into debt and not incur the penalty if your income results in a positive balance at the start of the next turn. Similarly, if you drop your savings below the 1 Million mark buying warships but your income raises it back above the 1 Million mark at the start of the next turn, then you get the morale bonus.
  • The morale bonuses for the amount of savings you have are not cumulative.
  • Morale penalties from the loss of a Colony factor in the distance from the lost Colony. A fully developed size 10 world 50 light years away is more abstract than a size 2 craphole next door being wiped out. Only one says "you may be next".
  • The morale modifiers for winning and losing battles require that the battle be over a certain size to qualify for the modifier.
  • The downside of mixed species colonies — If you are at war with an Empire of the same species as one of your civilian populations, that civilian population will start to lose morale.

[how to keep planets happy?] planets like having maxed out trade routes, lots of toys make people happy...sometimes it makes them forget about crowded conditions or populations controls. Ahhh trade to indy and other players...sounds like something that might require a trade station. — Mecron

Positive Morale Modifiers

Type Modifier Event Description
Continual +1 Imperial savings of 1,000,000 or more Savings between 1M and 5M at start of the turn
Continual +1 Trade maximized Colony has maximum trade routes active with at least one freighter per route
Fleeting +2 Colony established at *system* New colony established in the empire
Continual +2 Imperial savings of 5,000,000 or more Savings between 5M and 15M at start of the turn
Continual +3 Imperial savings of 15,000,000 or more Savings more than 15M at the start of the turn
Fleeting +5 Enemy colony at *system* destroyed An enemy colony was wiped out
Fleeting +10 Nearby enemy colony at *system* destroyed A nearby enemy colony was wiped out
Fleeting +10 Combat won at *system* A major battle was won at the system

Negative Morale Modifiers

Type Modifier Event Description
Continual -1 Population limits inhibit freedom Civilian population limits have been reached before maximum planet limit
Continual -1 <Species> Temperance You have researched Temperance for the species
Continual -2 Negative imperial savings The turn was started with a negative balance in savings
Fleeting -3 Colony of the same species destroyed by your forces A colony of the same species as these civilians was wiped out by your forces
Fleeting -2 / -5 Colony at *system* destroyed A colony in your empire was wiped out
Fleeting -5 Combat at *colony* Combat occurred at a colony without a winner
Fleeting -5 / -10 Nearby colony at *system* destroyed A nearby colony was wiped out
Fleeting -5 Plague outbreak Plague is killing more population at this colony

Placing one or more Police Cutters in orbit around a colony will reduce the total Morale penalty being applied to that Colony by one point. The reduction is not cumulative with the number of Police Cutters.

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