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Mining ships are ships that have a Mining Section. They can be sent to a system and used to strip an uninhabited system of resources quickly and efficiently during the strategic turn. They see the most use when the cost of colonizing and terraforming a system in order to access the resources there would be too expensive, though the employment of mining ships like a "cloud of locusts" on destroyed enemy planets also comes to mind.

Mining permanently decreases the resource rating of the system being mined.

When the mining ships are full or the system is empty of resources you are notified via the news event system. You then send the mining ships back to the world of your choice and tell them to dump the load.

When the contents of the mining ships are dropped on to a colony, a quarter the load is added permanently to the colony's resource rating, while the other three quarters act as an overharvest bonus on the turn the resources are delivered.

Ships with a Refinery Section are also capable of mining the resources of uninhabited systems, but use the resources to fill their refueling tanks instead of moving them elsewhere.

As with any ship in SotS, mining ships can fight and be destroyed in combat.

Mining ships are best used in mining fleets, moving from uninhabitable planet to uninhabitable planet, stripping resources as they go. When the fleet is full, send it to the nearest world that needs a resource boost. Mining ships can make individual runs from planet to planet, providing a constant influx of resources, but the micromanagement needed to move ships from planet to planet every few turns quickly becomes unwieldy. Another advantage of groups is that they are easier to defend than a lot of individual ships. For further details see this thread in the Kerberos forums.

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