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The Liir faster than light drive is called the StutterWarp, and it works as a tactical drive as well as an FTL drive for the entire game.

Because it uses sequential, short-range teleports that are affected by local gravity, the Liir drive is sluggish near stars, sometimes enough that it may be more advantageous to avoid a direct course to the star you wanted to visit in order to avoid another gravity well on the way.

Because it is also their tactical combat drive, this makes the Liir weaker at planetary defense and assault. However, if you catch enemy ships in deepspace, the ambush could be deadly due to the extra speed the StutterWarp provides outside of a gravity well.

Because their drive uses short-range teleportation, the Liir do not suffer the same effect of inertia in tactical combat as other races, which allows much faster acceleration. Their drives still need to "spin up" to move however, and they use conventional thrusters to turn, so they can't change direction instantly. This property makes the Liir a very attractive race to those beginning to learn the tactical combat portion of the game.

The StutterWarp drive can be upgraded to Improved StutterWarp, which lessens its disadvantage near gravity wells and increases its speed, making the Liir much more competitive in planetary combat.

The final stage of Liir drive tech, the FlickerDrive, affords endgame Liir ships the chance to slip through enemy fire while moving, which gives the Liir a defensive advantage to better offset their lack of weaponry. This is presumably part of the reason why Liir ships controlled by the AI tend to circle their targets: Not only are they alternating which ship is taking fire from the main guns, they are also ensuring that all ships benefit from this chance to slip through weapons fire. There is also a Micro-FlickerDrive technology available to give this ability to missiles, affording endgame Liir missiles deadly penetration even against well-armed ships.

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An example of freeform Liir strategic movement: No nodelines, no gate network displays, just destination, origin, and slowdown near planets.

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