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When you just can't find a node path, sometimes you have to leg it and send a colony fleet or an assualt fleet sublight. The game will warn you if you try to plot a direct course to a star not on a node path, so that you don't accidentally send your prize fleet trailblazing for dozens of turns. To travel sublight, you will either have to guess wrongly that there will be a nodepath from an unexplored planet, chart a path to an unexplored planet not yet on your node network, or try to chart a course along a nodeline that you do not have the fuel to finish.

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When sending a fleet at sublight speeds, you should overstock on anything you feel you might need- colonisers, repair cruisers, tankers, fighters, command ships, and so on. The reason to do this is rather simple: You don't know when or even if you'll find a node path that connects you back up to the rest of your empire.

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