Human Disadvantages

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As a race, Humans are balanced but have a couple of strategic and tactical disadvantages.

Strategically speaking, Humans are very much limited by the node drive. As a Human player, it's sometimes very easy to become frustrated when you have to go through three or four node jumps to get to a world only a few light years away. Also, there's always a possibility that you won't be able to find a node line to a particular world, forcing you to travel sublight. The strategic consequences of the node drive can be devestating: Human worlds can be very close geographically but many turns away from each other along node lines. This means that a Human empire can be remarkably vulnerable to quick strikes by other races, especially on the fringes. The node drive also prevents you from stopping fleets en route... which can be unfortunate when the enemy reinforces a world just before your attacking fleet arrives. Human scout fleets can also suffer unfortunate incidents in the early game, running straight into Unknown Encounters or enemy ships that other races might detect and avoid.

In tactical combat Humans are relatively balanced. Human ships are decently well armed and armored, with one noteable exception: the engine section. Human engines are, quite simply, fragile and underarmed. Even cruiser engine sections can be destroyed by a few well placed shots, leaving your ship stranded and at the mercy of the enemy. This gives human fleets a strong incentive to form inflexible formations in combat to protect their engines.

-- Reynor

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