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The Hiver FTL drive is the Teleport Gate, which is a specialised mission section for destroyer and cruiser class ships, that takes a strategic turn after its arrival to set up- this means that if you take a gate with you on a planetary assault, you will need it to survive, possibly in reserve, its first tactical combat turn, and then survive deployed for its second turn before you can use it to bring reinforcements- and once they can, only the gate capacity limit will prevent Hiver players from bringing down the full force of their empire on their enemies.

You may only have one gate deployed on each planet, which means if it is destroyed in the early game, you must either wait a turn while you activate a gateship you held in reserve, (or built with your surviving colonists) or wait several turns to move one in at sublight speed. Each one set up allows you to move more ships per turn- making Hivers relatively unique in that they will often fight almost as hard to protect a gate on an undeveloped planet than to defend their own colony. The other consequence of this is that Hivers can often afford to field only a few mobile defense teams, and swap them around planets using spare gate capacity, so that damaged defense teams are repaired on the most productive worlds. All this at the cost of having to expand at slower-than-light speeds. Planets with a gate deployed are marked with a triangle icon of their race's colour that sits below the planet icon. The gate network randomly "pulses" blue lines from planet to planet to help you notice which planets are connected to the network.

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Hivers get two upgrades to their gate network in leau of true FTL drive upgrades. The first upgrade is gate amplifiers, which double the capacity of your gate network from three to six, allowing you to more easily move cruisers and dreadnoughts along your network inside of larger fleets. It also allows for cruiser sized gate sections to be constructed, which are noticably better armed and armored then their destroyer counterparts.

The second upgrade to the Hiver gate system is the farcaster enhancement. This system allows for gate transmissions without a receiver gate, however all other requirements such as network capacity and planetary destination are still enforced. Due to the lack of a destination gate, the origin gate must handle opening the exit point and due to technology limitations cannot do so at distances greater than ten light years. Also, the lack of a lock-on signal from a receiver adds inaccuracy to the jump and the exit point can deviate from target by up to two light years, however all ships in the same fleet share exit coordinates and will jump in at the same location.

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