Heavy Platforms

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The contents of this page were introduced in the original Sword of the Stars.

Description: Allows the mounting and use of very large construction and processing equipment on orbital platforms. Increases the production output of all planets.
Research Category: Industrial Technology
Research Cost: 60,000 Research Points
Required Technology: Orbital Drydocks
Races Allowed: Hiver, Human, Liir, Morrigi, Tarka, Zuul
Effect: Increases the industrial output of your colonies by 10%.
Version: This information valid for Version 1.7.1 ANY-icon.png
New Technologies Available
Technology Research
Chance of Availability
Hiver Human Liir Morrigi Tarka Zuul
Dreadnought Construction 180,000 100 100 100 100 100 100
Tractor Beams 50,000 70 80 90 100 70 100
Torpedo Defense Platforms 30,000 90 80 100 70 85 60
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