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This page is provided to help new players get spun up on the world of abbreviations, acronyms, and other slang in SotS (Sword of the Stars). See? Now you'll refer to this great game as SotS from now on! As you read through the forums and start discussing the game in greater detail, you will come across these terms much more frequently.


The ease your race will have colonizing a planet, zero being optimum (e.g. +500; –320; etc.). BioTechnology will greatly increase your species' terraforming and colonization ability.
The reduction of colony resources to increase production.
A formal cease–fire agreement. There is no limit to NAP's you can have. Ships in a NAP will not fire on each other as they pass each other in space.
  • NKC — No Known Configuration
  • NV — Non–Verbal
The unit used to measure distance between stars and planets.
The most basic platform of ships.
Next step up from DE. Bigger hull, bigger armament payload, more special functions.
The most powerful ship class. Biggest, baddest weapons array possible, even more special mission and command sections than both CR and DE.
  • SDB — System Defense Boat
Hinted at by Mecron as possibly being a ship type for SotS 2, it's name comes from a generic starship type from the SFRPG Traveller.
Any non-FTL Warship. Also used in NorthStar.
Highly advanced and horribly destructive weapon tech. Sometimes also used for the Asteroid Monitor Unknown Menace.
Defensive tech that will shoot down missiles and torpedos fired at your ships.
One of the Grand Menaces in the game, it can steal your ships.
One of the Grand Menaces in the game, it can destroy entire star systems.
A mobile random encounter that can destroy ships and strip resources from planets.
The original breakthrough 4X Strategy game released in August 2006.
The first expansion to the original Sword of the Stars game. Sometimes seen as SotS:BoB.
The compilation of SotS and BoB in one package, released in June 2008.
The second expansion to the original Sword of the Stars game. Sometimes seen as SotS:AMoC.
The third expansion to the original Sword of the Stars game, adding ships and techs but no new races. Sometimes seen as SotS:ANY.


This list is what players use to describe actions and reactions. A lot of these won't be seen or used in single player, but instead in multiplayer games where applicable.


  • Brawler — noun. slang.
A cruiser armed exclusively with short–ranged, high–damage, low–accuracy weapons. Courtesy of Mecron.
  • evac — abbreviation.
Short for "Evacuation".
  • sitrep — abbreviation.
Short for "Situation Report".
  • Shotgun — noun. slang.
A ship fully–equipped with ballistic weaponry.
  • To be Saharad alt. To be "hazard pwned" — phrase.
Having only un–colonisable worlds near ones homeworld and thus having a slow and unlucky start.
  • To do a Zogian Shuffle — phrase.
The Zogian Shuffle is a mix of the cabbage patch and the electric slide dance style. It is the un–official SotS victory dance.
  • To get Star Trekked — phrase.
Being able to research and use Phasers.
  • To glass a planet alt. Glassed — phrase.
The act of totally wiping out a colony using an insane amount of nukes. To damage the CH to the point that you can no longer colonise the system yourself.
  • To tag a planet — phrase.
The practice of hitting a vaccinated planet with plague missiles, generally resulting in massive janitorial bills for cleaning the green gunk off the southern land mass. In other words, a futile use of bio–weapons.
  • Torp(y) — abbreviation. noun. slang.
A torpedo weapon or nickname of a ship armed with torpedo's. Courtesy of Baldrick.
  • Torp(y)ship — abbreviation. noun. slang.
A ship with torpedo weaponry.

SotS Specific

  • Bugs — noun. slang.
A member of the Hiver race.
  • Crocs — noun. slang.
A member of the Tarka race.
  • Crow — noun. slang.
A member of the Morrigi race.
  • Daddy Croc — noun. slang.
A Changed male member of the Tarka race.
  • Enterprise — noun. slang.
Any ship with phasers and shields at the same time, preferably Tarkasian in origin so it can go to Warp Factor 9.
  • Friendly "Friers" — noun. slang.
Emitters or heavily emitter–armed ships who are firing in a combat round where NAP'ed player ships are present. Results in friendly fire.
  • grasslights — noun. slang.
Green Lasers.
  • Mass Driver Hater — noun. slang.
A ship incorporating a Deflector Section.
  • Papermantium — noun. slang.
SotS pre–BoB — Default Armour used on Liir ships.
SotS post–BoB — Default Armour used on Zuul ships.
When BoB was released, folks realised that Liir had cardboard rather than paper for armour.
  • Ripper — noun. slang.
A member of the Zuul race.
  • Skittleverse — noun. slang.
Developers nickname for the look of a newly created galaxy when fully zoomed out.
  • Space Bees — noun. slang.
Nickname of the Silicoid Drones.
  • Sparky — noun. slang.
The System Killer Grand Menace.
  • To be caught in deep water — phrase.
To be ambushed in deep space by Liir.
  • To be node–sniped; monkey(ape)–wrench ambush — phrase.
To have your Human colony destroyed by a fellow Human, one turn after your own fleet has departed.
  • To be node–screwed —phrase.
To have nodelines arranged in such a manner as to make early expansion as Humans all but impossible.
  • To be Rorschached — phrase.
To have incredibly bad luck when researching projects (constant overruns).
  • To be Skynetted alt. To be "copper–topped" — phrase.
To lose ships and/or colonies due to an AI rebellion.
  • Vons — noun. slang.
The Von Neumann random encounter.
  • Warbug — noun. slang.
A Hiver Warrior.


A random encounter triggered by colony ships. May result in the loss of all colony ships.
  • Era — Technology based benchmark for progression through the Technology Tree.
A specific paradigm that exists in a specific game. Linked to power tech and ship sizes available. For example: "fusion–era technology" is any tech that only becomes available after Fusion is researched, but before Antimatter is researched.
  • Hiver — Playable Race
One of the playable races in the game.
  • Human — Playable Race
One of the playable races in the game.
  • Kerbicron — Book of the Faithful
Primary Book of the Zealots inspired by the Creators.
  • Liir — Playable Race
One of the playable races in the game.
A random encounter triggered by mining ships and refineries. It traps your ships in place, then flings asteroids at them.
The racial name for a nodespace (and sometimes realspace) related random encounter.
An Alien Vessel that is capable of destroying entire solar systems.
  • Tarka — Playable Race
One of the playable races in the game.
  • Zuul — Playable Race
One of the playable races in the game.
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