Firing Arcs

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Every combination of command, mission, and engine section is being tested for flaws. Due to the specific design of each section and its corresponding mount points it is unlikely you will find the finished ship able to fire through itself when trying to hit the enemy.

Placement of weapons will determine when in combat that weapon will be able to fire. An example from the trailers shows Hiver ships firing missiles from their rear turret mounts and a firefight between both Tarkas & Liir, and Tarkas & Humans.

Each weapon is also rated for a degree of deviation in terms of accuracy. When you click on a target, the gun shoots in a cone-shaped area centered on the point you clicked with the radius of the cone determined by its targeting inaccuracy. Fire control technologies tighten up that cone significantly. That still doesn't guarantee a hit, but it does guarantee a much tighter distribution of shots.

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