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Dreadnoughts are the largest class of ships in Sword of Stars (about 270m in length). They cost 18 command points and cost $15,000 maintenance per ship per turn, (was $20,000 prior to version 1.5.3) no matter what ship sections are used in the ship design. They are slow in tactical combat, but can be loaded with mountains of armor and weaponry. Dreadnoughts are so tough and carry so many redundant systems that their individual sections cannot be destroyed. Instead the whole ship must be worn down. Turrets however, can still be blown off.

Dreadnoughts are known for having massive forward armaments. The Human 'Sword of the Stars' class Dreadnought is one such example. Dreadnoughts can also mount some uniquely powerful sections, such as the Siege Driver Section.

Generally in Sword of the Stars, as a ship increases in size it becomes more multipurpose. However support roles, such as colonization, repair, mining & refining, are relegated to Cruisers or Destroyers. Dreadnoughts serve only as combatants or command ships.

A Dreadnought's weapon capacity is so vast that one can easily be rigged to fulfill multiple combat roles effectively. Several banks of bursters or thumpers can break up small Destroyer groups. A bank of missiles or two will prevent the Dreadnought from being outranged and punish foes with insufficient point defense. Heavy Drivers can be used to bang up Cruisers or attack planets.

Crew complements vary from race to race due to psychology and physiology. Human Dreadnoughts have a crew complement of 800 – 1000 while Hivers have a crew complement of 1600 – 2000. Tarka Dreadnought crews number about 600 – 800 and Liir Dreadnought crews run to around 200 members, depending on the design of the ship.

Dreadnought designs can be named when they are created. Fleets can be renamed at any time.


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