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The contents of this page were introduced in A Murder of Crows.

Description: (Random) Creates an electro–magnetic field around the front of a ship that breaks up and dissipates any energy weapon that impacts it.
Research Category: Shield Technology
Research Cost: 20,000 Research Points
Required Technology: Deflectors
Races Allowed: Hiver, Human, Liir, Morrigi, Tarka, Zuul
Effect: Allows ship designs to include a Destroyer Disruptor mission section or a Cruiser or Dreadnought sized Disruptor command section.
Once down, Disruptor shields take 30 seconds to recharge. Lasers have a chance to ricochet off of Disruptor shields.
Notes: Disruptors are a projected half sphere in front of the ship.

Disruptor Shields block the following weapons:

Version: This information valid for Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png
No New Technologies Available
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