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Cruisers are the middle sized class (approximately 90 meters long) and require research before you can build them. They cost 6 command points and cost $3,000 maintenance per ship per turn (was $5,000 prior to version 1.5.3), no matter what ship sections are used in the ship design.

Cruisers become the main workhorses of your fleet providing the bulk of both mission roles and combat operations. Destroyers will provide specialized support and Dreadnoughts will provide heavy firepower for your primary fleets.

Often the functions of a Destroyer mission section will fit in a Cruiser command section.

Crew complements vary from race to race due to psychology and physiology. Human Cruisers have a crew complement of about 150 while Hivers have a crew complement of about 300. Tarka Cruiser crews number about 110 – 150 and Liir Cruiser crews run from 20 – 30 members depending on the design of the ship.

Cruiser designs can be named when they are created. Fleets can be renamed at any time.


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