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Mod Name Link Description Supported Version Status Creator
ACM Forum Link Mod features:

— replaced all Human ship models.

— added new types of drones, gunships (police cutters), CR drone defence platforms, CR heavy weapon platforms, DN siege defence platforms, doomstars, cruiser police carriers that carry police cutters in to battle (as fighters).

— over 100 weapons in total. New energy, ballistic, torpedo and missile weapons. Projectors now can mount either a specialized projector weapon, a single heavy beam weapon, a 2-barrelled direct torpedo launcher or a 3-barrelled large weapon.

— new techtree consisting of 19 different tech–branches. Increased research costs to allow for longer usage of low–level techs. Weapon techs are divided into several groups with availability subject to race.

— new effects for race–dependant explosions, missile trails and drives. Death explosions now deal area damage.

— new way of planetary assaults using specialized bomber sections, dropships and 5 new siege weapons. Reduced damage to planetary population (almost 1000 times) of basic weapons. Removed planet missiles to compensate this reduction in damage.

For further details, please check forum entry.

The mod is being constantly updated.

Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png
Version 1.6.7 AMoC-Icon.png
Version 1.7.1 ANY-icon.png
Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png
Use forum link. Okim
Hi-res Skybox/Planets/Solar Systems mod Forum Link This is a graphic replacement mod which is split into 3 separate, but consistent modules.

Mod features:

  • New hires skybox textures in tactical view with custom colour, dynamic lighting based on the star colour.
  • A new hires strategic skybox, using a WMAP survey image of hydrogen clouds visible from earth.
  • New asteroid textures.
  • Version 3: Solar system objects (planets, nebulae, etc) in tactical views.
  • Hires planet textures for each race double the stock resolution.
  • A new Ideal planet variation for each race.
  • A new moon model and texture, that actually looks like a moon.
  • New Barren planets with 10 variations visible for each race, giving much more variety.
  • New atmosphere textures for each planet type and race, based on my own "racial colour" theme.
  • 2 additional barren textures.
  • High poly asteroid models.
  • High poly moon model.
  • This add a solar system model to the strategic view around unexplored stars.
  • It can vary from 1 to 10 planets based on our real life solar system, these appear when you zoom in to a star.
  • Includes a "real star colours" mod.
Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png Use forum link. R2dical
Twilight Mod Forum Link The overall concept for this mod does not follow any "theme" or TC but is designed from an alternate idea for SOTS would be. It is based loosely on game lore, SOTS2 lore and Okim's great ACM mod. It is a grand campaign style mod which touches just about everything moddable in sots. It tries to keep the overall concept in connection with the original race characteristics while focusing more on "realistic", diverse and drawn out gameplay.

Mod features:

  • Redesigned gameplay

- Strategic: Based off original sots but suited to a more grand campaign style, longer research times, MANY more techs,weapons and more unique stuff for each race. - Tactical: With all the new additions balanced to a more RTS style combat. I also tried to make the battles more complex and cover more of the game arena.

  • New sections

- Over 100 new models per race, some based off existing mods or corrected originals, not including 100's of weapon and turret models. - New ship classes like Frigates and Corvettes (based of Raptors idea) and Leviathan.

  • New textures

- All new, hi res racial and NPC textures.

  • New effects

- 1000's of new effects made from scratch, sometimes based on original or other mod concepts. - 3D explosions! - Race specific effects like explosions, weapons and trails. - Using some custom written shaders for brand new, shiney visuals.

  • New sounds

- A large project on its own, using sounds from my favourite Sci-Fi movies as well as other games with a few originals thrown in. - Replace some of the more annoying standard ones (emitters spring to mind).

  • Redesigned weapons

- 100's of weapons from different, all new weapon families. - Each race has their own specialities and versions of shared weapon concepts. - Weapons have greater flexibility regarding mounts and ship sections more specialized with the mounts they have. - Each weapon has a new, hi res icon.

  • Rebuilt tech forest

- 22 tech trees. - Rooted on the ACM style design. - New engine eras. - New drive techs. - Specialized weapon trees. - Includes my new Ghost Tree concept which shows a smaller, black and white schematic of all the techs in the design screen.

  • New race-specific ship sections, weapons and techs

- Rooted in sots lore and race personalities.

  • Redesigned menaces

- Less mobile but more challenging and rewarding. - Unique weapons.

  • Customized AI

- Strategic designed to take full advantage of new techs and research. - Tactical improved within the limits of what is moddable.

Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png Use forum link. R2dical
Lost Souls (Phoenix) mod Forum Link This MOD modifies the human faction:
  • all sections get new models, plus, new sections
  • new weapons, balance tweaks to some existing weapons
  • new names, badges and avatars
  • new music

Their regular ships are above average in every segment, but not the best at anything and are more expensive. The Battleship mission sections are no way comparable to their normal sections — they are harbringers of doom — but their size, production cost and command point requirements make them difficult to field in greater numbers.

The Phoenix faction uses a modified node drive — compared to stock human drives it has greater range, but is also slower. The upside is that they can reach decent STL speeds and their base node speed gets better with upgrades.

The Phoenix have distinct pros and cons and unique tech and sections.

  • Low Industry
  • High ship costs
  • High ship mantainance
  • less CP per CNC


  • Excellent ships
  • specialized sections and weapons
  • great tech choices.
Version 1.7.2 ANY-icon.pngV2.8
Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.pngv3.2
music pack 27Mb
Released TrashMan
Colour Differentiation Forum LinkForum Link These various MODs were developed to assist colour blind players who were having difficulty distinguishing between light green and yellow health markers for their ships in both tactical combat and on the strategic fleet lists. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png
Version 1.6.7 AMoC-Icon.png
Version 1.7.1 ANY-icon.png
Downloads attached to posts in the thread. Various
Erdrik's Mod v0.0.3 Forum Link New effects, weapons and ships. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Alpha released erdrik
"Galactic Forge" map pack v0.11 Forum Link The purpose of this mod is only to provide you with different maps shapes. This mod tweaks parameters of 4 existing maps: Rift, Cluster, Globular Clusters and Galactic Collision Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png released Eleahen
BAlance And ARc Project V. 1.01 (baaarp!) Forum Link This mod tries to improve general game balance. Further, it tunes all firearcs to better fit the hulls. More changes:
  • Small explosion added when engine sections are destroyed.
  • Size of the deployment field in the fleet manager made larger.
  • Space between letters and between class name and ship type reduced to improve readability for longer ship names.
  • Background color of the fleet manager made brighter to save you from eye–cancer.
  • Weapons rebalanced to complement each other
Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed motorbitch
Mirage UI Modpack v1.5 Forum Link New Zuul & Human Ship Textures (MirageUI Player Colors, MirageUI Zuul Ships "Slavers" Retexture, MirageUI Human Ships "Gun Metal" Retexture) Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Released LedMirage
Expanded Horizons 0.0.1 Forum Link More player colors, badges, system names, and some other minor goodies. No changes to gameplay. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed (first release) Coyote27
Foraven re–balance mod ( FRB ) Forum Link Quite a few things have been changed, from weapons to the techtree. Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png Completed (2.1e) Rayp
Ballistic and Missile Redux Forum Link Adds more balistic/missile weapons to the game and will eventually create new effects for all balistic/missile weapons (preferably BSG style)

New Weapons include (see forum for more details): High Explosive Torpedo / Light Railgun / Heavy Railgun / Heavy Missile / Missile Battery

Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed, download link offline Terran Empire
Mine Platforms Forum link This mod adds mine platforms for all races. Mine platforms are minelaying defense platforms, available with Torpedo Defense Platforms and any mine tech. The purpose of the mine platforms is to provide a little (okay, a lot) of extra close–in firepower against any enemy that decides to simply rush straight up to the planet to glass it. No modifications have been made to any mines, so they are still vulnerable to decent PD coverage. As well, I have found that the mines will not deploy if the player autoresolves the battle. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed, download link offline bmac4417
Covenant's Mods Forum link This mod dramatically redoes the combat effects and graphics of the game, providing completely new visuals and feels to the entire laser, ballistics, torpedo, energy cannon, heavy laser, emitter, particle beam tree, adding entirely new tech concepts, rebalancing other areas as well in the process and changing a great number of in–game images to match with the new effects. Also, smaller mods are becoming available so that the improved graphics can be downloaded without the changes to the weapon values themselves. This also links to all collaborative work of Covenant's, the one responsible for the work in the Covenant mod. Such work includes a music replacement mod by Nephtys. Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Completed, download link offline Covenant, and others as stated on the page.
Draven's Mod 2.0 Forum Link Total conversion of weapons and effects. Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Completed Draven
Nephtys' Music Replacement #1 Forum Link This mod replaces the SotS combat music. See the forum thread for details. Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Completed Nephtys
Zanzibar's Multi–player Friendly Badge Mod Forum Link This mod adds 4 new badges to the game without deleting any existing badges and is compatible with un–modded versions of the game. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed Zanzibar196
ECore v0.0.1; BoB ECore v0.0.1 Forum Link This mod adds no new content, only modifications to existing content and values. The purpose is to act as a base for future new additions.

General changes:

  • Increased distance of Tactical Start Positions
  • Various Shielding changes
  • Increased Default Tactical Sensor and Tactical Jammer Range
  • Increased Ship Chase Range
  • Increased Moon odds
  • Decreased Asteroid Belt odds
  • Asteroid Belts further out
  • Increased Scuttle Boost Bonus
  • Increased Swarm Launch Delay and Swarmer Numbers
  • Changed Start position for Random Encounters
  • Increased Weapon Ranges
  • Various Ship Section changes
  • Increase Gate Traffic Capacity
  • Various Effect Changes
Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed erdrik
Seperate Spirals Forum Link A modded collison map so that the two spirals are neighbors instead. Born of Blood is required for this mod. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed erdrik
Unlocked Research Forum Link The mod will unlock (100% chance) all techs in the game. You still have to research them and the cost is still the same, but you will always get all techs. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed ture
Explosive Diarrhia Productions Home Page

Forum Link

  • Point Defense Missiles v1.1.1 — Adds anti–torpedo missiles
  • Flame Thrower v1.0 — Gives the plasma cannons flamethrower like effects
  • Laser Realism v0.6 — Turns all laser weapons, including phasers, into beam weapons
  • Range Finder v1.0 — Enhances weapon, sensor, and visual ranges in tactical combat. Also incorporates Laser Realism, as well as a few other tweaks
  • Missile Gauss Enhance v1.0 — Changes the missile trail to something more visible and changes the appearance of the gauss rounds.
  • more in development
??? Completed Major Diarrhia
Multiply research costs by 2, 4 or 0.5 Forum Link Contains modified MasterTechList for x2, x4 and x0.5 research costs. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed Tarquelne
Remove Trade Forum Link Removes the possiblity of any races gaining the FTL Economics or Raiding researchers. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed, download link offline Moriarty
XES Micro-mod Forum Link
  • Azimuth (firing angles) of all fixed heavy beams increased to ±5 °.
  • Firing Range of all heavy beams increased by factor 2.
  • Hiver gate amplification increased from 6 to 10.
  • Probability of PD tech increased to Human:95 Zuul:85 Hiver:95 Tarkas:95 Liir:99.
  • All launching torpedo sounds replaced by Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider sound (new series).
Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Completed, download link offline XXerzengel, spitfire_ch
More Torps & Beams V 1.0 Forum Link Equip both torpdoes and beam weapons in both types of turrets, letting you make the torpedo or beam armada you always dreamed of. Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Completed Silveressa
Just Another Weapon Pack Mod (JAWPM) Forum Link Special weapons, race specific health, cost and build times. Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Completed, download link offline nate90909
DF Torpedo mod v0.9 Forum Link Direct Fire Torpedoes: Variations On Those Cool Little Balls That Photonic Torpedoes Shoot Out Oh And Those Neat Little Blobs That Disruptors And EM Pulsars Use Too Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Completed Glacialis
Dragon Mod V1.0Beta Forum Link This mod contains changes to the existing weapons as well as many new weapons. It contains new effects for most of these new weapons. It also contains a change to the tech tree that means you always get the AI virus and Slaves but they might cost alot (If I knew how they would not always be there untill AFTER an AI rebellion but i'm pretty sure that can't be done :-(. There are also changes to the random encounters. Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Completed, download link offline Dragon_Fly
Pious Flea's silly mod Forum Link Feature list: GENERAL (for more see forum)
  • All research costs, especially weapons research costs, are greatly decreased. You can get full tech in a 40–stars game now.
  • In general, weapons are more specialized. Anti–ship weapons are stronger against ships and weaker against planets, anti–planet weapons are stronger against planets.
  • In general, ships and planets die a lot faster... planetary sieges should not be long and drawn out as often as before.
Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Completed (first release), download link offline PiousFlea
RaptorMod V2 Forum Link Human, Weapons and Tech mod. The game is more focused on the lower techs.

Torpedo's are now missiles. Except the 'antimatter' one. That's now the original plasma torpedo, and it hurts... Lasers are now beams, which means that for the time being the Reflective Armour upgrades have had to be removed. Some of the exotic techs (absorbers, Meason Shields etc) have been removed, and all research is a lot longer now. Teching up is now much slower than before. This is to encourage longer games. Humans, to counter the upgrades they have received, have had costs increased on the effected sections, and have lower chances of getting the higher level energy weapons.

Version 1.2.2 SotSIcon.png Completed, download link offline Raptor
Ultimate Starname Collection 1.04 Forum Link Expands the available system names to nearly 13000 real and fictional planet names. Version 1.8.0 ANY-icon.png SotS-CC-icon.png Completed pRev

Mods in Development

Mod Name Link Description Supported Version Status Creator
EVE Total Conversion Forum Link Total Conversion based on the Eve universe. So far, models and a star map exist. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png no release yet Danimrath
OMGITHAG! Forum Link Basically this Mod is to fulfill my lust for galactic conquest, within time for dinner. In other words... its a cheat. It totally unbalances the game and gives humans an almost, well completely unbeatable advantage in the game. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png version 0.1 (in progress) boxaroo
BoB Mod Merging Forum Link Integration of a bunch of the best SotS mods into the BoB structure. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png ??? TracerFox
The Universe will Kill You Mod Forum Link Goal: replace most / all random encounters with famous / semi famous scifi ships.
  • System Killer => Death Star
  • Puppet Master => Borg Cube
  • Von Neumie => Necron Tomb Ship
  • Swarmers => Cylon Base Star
  • Asteroid Monitor => Super Colony Ship (Not famous just a cool idea)
  • Slavers => ID4 Aliens
  • Derelict1 => Titan AE "Junk Base" (the ones that held humanities survivors)
  • Derelict2 => Moo3 Guardians
  • Derelict3 => Sa-Matra (asteroid shell to be tested)
  • Derelict4 => ???
  • Derelict5 => ???
SotS ??? erdrik & others
Honorverse mod Forum Link

Forum Link

Total Conversion SotS ??? Bongmania
Multipurpose Command Vessel Forum Link "Command" vessel, one for each race, that combines some of the traits that are needed in all real fleets.

For example, command points for running a fleet, some repair ability to keep your ships in decent condition, and say the refinery ability, not the tanks per say, but the ability to generate fuel for the ships in the fleet.

Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png might not be released Inquisitor
Planetary Siege/Some Random Stuff Does not have a thread. A silly super dreadnaught and defense platforms to counter it. Maybe also some other random ideas that I have been kicking around. Version 1.5.3 BoBIcon.png CE Icon.png Random bursts of progress. May or may not be released. Do not hold your breath. Sevain
Infinite Edge Forum Link Faction conversion of Morrigi to custom faction with new ships/FTLsystem and a very different playstyle. Wormhole gatestations and fleetcraft supercarriers. Version 1.7.2 ANY-icon.png Not available, working on DE class and Gatestations. Dragonblade

Demo Mods

Mod Name Link Description Supported Version Status Creator

Adding Mods to SotS

To manually add a Mod to SotS, please refer to the sots.ini page.

Bromoc has created a Mod Manager for those who would rather not change things manually.

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