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Command Ships

Including a CnC ship in your fleet gives you the following advantages:

  • Set an initial formation different from the line abreast default formation
  • Determine which ships are on the battlefield and the order that ships enter from reserves
  • Increase command points to bring more ships on the battlefield at one time

These features are managed before the battle in the Fleet Management Interface. Reserves can be managed during the battle in the Tactical Interface.

A fleet must include at least one ship with a command and control (CnC) section. There is one section for each ship class. The technologies to unlock the CnC sections are core technologies in the C3 research tree.

Technology Required Ship Section
Battle Computers Squadron CnC Section
Data Synergy Strikeforce CnC Section
Armada Command Systems Armada CnC Section

Multiple CnC ships do not add any additional fleet or combat management features although additional CnC ships will take command if the original CnC ship section is destroyed.

No CnC

If a fleet does not contain a CnC ship the active fleet will be randomly chosen from the entire fleet and will consist of 12 command points ( a maximum of 6 destroyers or 2 cruisers or an exceptional case of 1 dreadnought). Reinforcements will be randomly chosen to bring to battle when ships in the active fleet are destroyed. Without a CnC ship on the battlefield, ships may not break from combat.

If the fleet loses its last CnC ship the fleet is treated as if it has no CnC. It is worthwhile to protect your CnC ships and try to destroy your enemy's CnC ships.

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