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Accessed by clicking the pie chart on the Strategic Interface or using the "e" hotkey, this screen shows both a list of your planets and your current budget. You can sort the planet list by double clicking on a word in the planet box or right clicking and selecting a heading. For example, double clicking on a planets name will sort the list alphabetically, double clicking again will reverse the sort.

The budget pie chart is also updated dynamically as you change slider settings.

For a more in-depth review of the underling principles of economics in SotS, please see SotS Economy and for SotS:BoB, please see BoB Economy.


There is no cap on the amount of debt that you can accumulate, but you'll have to pay interest on that debt(the red slice of your pie).

Like real governments you can run in the red forever, if you are careful. But if it gets so bad your output is less than your interest payments then the game will a) warn you sternly to take steps and then b) start scrapping ships and evacuating expensive colonies in order to try and balance the budget. That cost cutting debt limit is dynamic and is 3.3 times your maximum possible income. Once cost cutting measures go into effect, you only have 10 turns to increase your output above your interest payments before your empire is declared bankrupt and you lose the game.



Planetary Income

This is income generated by your planets' population and the planetary budget slider.

Trade Income

This is income generated by your trade routes and freighters.


If this shows up under as a green heading, this is income generated by interest on a positive treasury balance. If this shows up as a red heading, this is how much you must additionally pay because of interest on a negative treasury balance.


Planetary Development

This is how much money you are spending on planets that are not fully terraformed or developed.

Fleet Maintenance

This is how much money you are spending on fleet upkeep.


This is how much money you are spending on research.

Research Traded

This is how much money you are sending to another empire to help their research efforts.

Special Projects

This is how much money you are spending on all Special Projects.

Additional Costs

The Additional Costs heading is a catch all category for any scripted expenses. For example, in the Upstart Apes scenario, the Tarkas player is sometimes required to send cash to the Emperor. Those payments will appear under the Additional Costs heading.

Projected Treasury

This is the amount you are projected to have in your treasury at the beginning of your next turn.

Projected Change

This is the difference between your current Treasury and your Projected Treasury.

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