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Civilian populations are a new concept added to the Sword of the Stars Universe with the A Murder of Crows expansion.

With more Xenotech Technology researched, it becomes possible to have multiple alien civilian populations added to your planets. The advantage of this is that the alien civilians contribute to your tax income and add a small amount of additional production. In addition, as long as your civilian faction does not increase above their white line (indicating their planetary "sustainable" point), you can increase the total civilian population to the planetary maximum without losing resources every turn. Alien civilians do not consume resources, so the white line only show up for the player's species. A colony with Maximum Civilian Population gains a small boost to Production and a large cash bonus.

Of course, there is a downside to mixed species colonies: If you are at war with an Empire of the same species as one of your civilian populations, that civilian population will start to lose morale and may even go into rebellion. When that one species' morale drops low enough to hit rebellion, that one species faction in rebellion goes to war against the imperial population. The other civilian factions hide and try not to be killed in the crossfire.

Other things to pay attention to with Xenotech Technology

  • Alien species require special considerations/accommodations/technologies, so the maximum alien civilians is never as high as the maximum native civilians. 50% of the native max initially, 75% after you have proliferate.
  • In addition, populations for some alien species are limited because they need to use the same resources as other species (for example, Humans and Tarkas have similar land requirements, where as the Liir are the only species that would live in the oceans).
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