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Research leads to advances in the available technologies.

Starting Technologies

All players in all games start with the following technologies already researched:

In A Murder of Crows, the new Morrigi race also starts the game with Stealth Armor researched.

Additionally each player will have already researched the initial star drive technology depending on race:

The following starting technologies are always available, but not researched:

Finally, each player will have a random chance of these technologies being available for research at the beginning of the game:

Technology Tree

Argos Naval Yard

A Murder of Crows

Additional Technologies

Forum member Iztok did some research for starting games with additional technologies in A Murder of Crows and came up with the following:

If the tech is random and the player fails to roll for it, he gets next tech on the list. The first 15 "levels" on the list seem to be in a fixed order. Randomness starts after "level" 15 (i.e. Addict Morrigi for the Morrigi or Cybernetic interface for other races), but some techs seem to appear more often than others.

# of additional
starting technologies
Technologies gained Limits
1 Gene modification
2 FTL Broadband
3 Recombinant Fissionables Random — skip to next if not available
4 Pulsed Fission drive Liir and Morrigi skip to next
5 Waldo units
6 Green Lasers
7 Shaped Nuclear Warhead
8 VRF Technology
9 Nuclear Mine
10 Battle Computers
11 Hyperlink Communication Tarka only — skip to next otherwise
11 Disruptor torpedo Random — skip to next if not available
12 Mass Drivers
13 Plasma Cannon
14 DF Racks Random — skip to next if not available
15 Addict Morrigi Morrigi only — skip to next otherwise
15 Cybernetic interface
R Deflectors In no particular order from this point
R Light Emitter
R Sniper Cannon
R Photonic Torpedo
R Morrigi Temperance
R Particle Beam
R Expert Systems

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