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Tactical articles are stories and ideas about effective decisions and gambits played out in the game. Due to the variety in any single game of Sword of the Stars, these tactics should be thought of as tools to add to your overall toolbox of tactics. They will not be effective every time.

Race Strength/Weakness Breakdown

VERY broadly, for specific Strengths and Weaknesses, please see the pages listed below.

  • Liir- High tech, fragile, very maneuverable in tactical but not fast. Most likely to get energy weapon and shield techs, not happy with ballistics or explosives. Very big on biotechs/weapons.
  • Human- Solid all around, good at Dreadnought construction, average when it comes to tech but not hurt by racial biases. The fastest FTL race in the game discounting the Morrigi flock effect. Node missile an often overlooked strategic harassment weapon.
  • Hiver- Strongest ships in the game, big on armor and ballistics, relatively fast in tactical but best when going in straight lines. Population growth rates helped a lot by having a functioning gate in the system
  • Tarka- Between shape and cost, the strongest cruiser race in the game. Partial to armor and ballistics as well but still with a decent shot at energy weapons and big on cloaking.
  • Zuul- Fast, deadly, fragile. Ships have the most guns of all the races. Pay the price for that in durability. The Alpha Strike is the Zuul's best moment. Very maneuverable in tactical. Node cannon on cruiser and DN boreships very useful at the right moment.
  • Morrigi- Fast in tactical, can be very fast in strat as fleet sizes get larger. Grav ships slow down enemies in tactical combat. Nearly as high tech as liir, almost as fragile. Masters of drone tech. Ships expensive. Lower base income but higher income from trade than other races.


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