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The contents of this page were introduced in A Murder of Crows.

This category holds the backstory of the Morrigi. For gameplay and tactics information, see Category:Gameplay -- Morrigi.

General Description

Of the sentient species still living in this sector of the galaxy, the Morrigi are one of the most ancient, and have the longest recorded history of interstellar travel. Initially known only by the unique configuration of their low orbital attack drones, the Morrigi were named “Crows” by the first Human spacers to encounter them; these craft have an aerodynamic avian shape and swooping attack pattern which brought to mind the predatory scavengers of old Earth. In recent years, more intensive investigation by SolForce Intelligence has revealed that the nickname “Crow” was curiously apt in many respects. The Morrigi have many traits in common with the legendary Raven or Crow of old Earth, and any study of their history and behavior inevitably recalls a panoply of Terran legends of the divine Trickster bird, which could easily assume a variety of different forms, lead its befuddled enemies into fatal ambush, hoodwink more powerful foes out of valuable treasure, and which served inevitably as an avatar of the gods and goddesses of war.

The word “Morrigi” roughly translates as “Travelers” in the proto-Creole known as the Trade Language (there is some indication that the word may have other shades of meaning in the Morrigi dialects which remain untranslated). At this juncture it is impossible to say how long the Morrigi have been capable of traversing long interstellar distances, but biological and archaeological evidence unearthed on Za’xharis, Kao’Kona, Wiira and Mars suggest that the Morrigi have been “Travelers” for several millennia. Skeletal remains recovered on Wiira have revealed that some members of the Morrigi species have spent their entire developmental lives in space, from late infancy to adulthood, for at least six thousand years. Artifacts recovered from the sites excavated on Za’xharis and Mars suggest that the Morrigi were monitoring and visiting the home worlds of the Human and Hiver races for at least four thousand years before either species went through an Industrial Revolution. The dramatic site unearthed on Kao’Kona indicates that the Morrigi may have attempted to establish residence on the Tarka home world for nesting purposes in the past (see Sidebar, “The Wyrm of Daam’to”).


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