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Gameplay Summary

The Zuul are the plague of the SOTS universe. They are constantly expanding and devouring everything in their path. The Zuul are fast and heavily armed but their ships are weak and their tech isn't great. The best way to play them is to constantly expand because they burnout if quarantined.
They seem to favor ballistics and EMP devices.

Zuul Features

  • The Zuul start with an extra planet because unlike the other races they don't get the extra population and infrastructure bonuses on their homeworld. Their factory worlds are most often on the frontlines because ALL of their planets over-harvest at -10 a turn. So, normally, your core worlds can't build as well as your recent acquisitions after many turns.
  • Their FTL drives are also quite fun. They are similar to the human's node drive however they have special ships that rip a hole to their destination instead of allowing the universe to guide them. Any Zuul ship can then use the created nodelines. This makes them a tad slower starting off then the Humans but they have the freedom to build their own node network. This comes at a price however. The universe slowly heals itself causing the nodelines to decay. Heavy use will also decay the nodelines faster.
  • Due to their nature of being mindrippers, they have an innate chance to salvage tech without repair and salvage ships. This helps fill in their tech tree but it's a small chance so don't rely on it. R/S ships and language techs help with salvaging like normal.
  • One advantage the Zuul have is that they are immune to plagues. Due to being immune, they have no knowledge of plagues and can't research them.
  • The best reason to play the Zuul is because they can enslave the other races. They have special ships that enter the atmosphere to forcibly take slaves which they then can transfer to their colonies. Slaves give a bonus to I/O but each turn a % of the slaves will die off depending on their race. The Liir, being trained in psi, can will themselves to die faster. When the Zuul take a world, a large part of the population left are enslaved. Slaves work like resources. They can be overharvested at a cost to produce more.

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