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All future updates will be made as patches for Argos Naval Yard.

Second Update for the Third Expansion
Release: May, 2010
Press Release: Update released for Argos Naval Yard


This version corresponds to the Complete Collection release.


  1. — Alliance downgrade option reporting the incorrect player name.
  2. — All known turret, ship section, weapon and weapon layout data issues.
  3. — Docking assault shuttles may freeze the application for a noticeable period.
  4. — Bug where enemy AI was not de–cloaking when revealed by deep scan.
  5. — Cosmetic issue where mini–ship could be displayed upside–down
  6. — Issue where CnC ships could not be pulled to the back line.
  7. — Issues with Stealth armor.
  8. — Station build queue overrunning the bottom of the station build window.
  9. — Bug where combat players could be shifted slightly from intended start point
  10. — Raid encounters no longer show raider's name on both sides of the load screen.
  11. — Known cases where ETAs were being reported incorrectly for enemy fleets
  12. — All known population manager UI and reporting issues.
  13. — An issue that was preventing AI from certain ship types.
  14. — Bug with max freighters for a sector not taking into account the trade stations.
  15. — Long processing time for Hiver AI with large commercial empires.
  16. — All known installer dependency issues that could crop up for some users ( including vcredist and DirectX ).
  17. — A few minor memory leaks.
  18. — Rare crash can occur just after a SK is destroyed in combat.
  19. — Cosmetic issue where players were being reported as defeated when they still had imperial population left on their system.


  1. — Reviewed auto–resolve behaviour for each encounter type with an eye to making results more accurately match player controlled battles.
  2. — Reduce duration for trade raiding combat.
  3. — Players may now demand surrender of NAP and Alliance members.
  4. — Flagship destruction now lowers empire morale.
  5. — AI players are now insulted by being asked to surrender repeatedly.
  6. — Abandoning any colony affects empire morale. ( Not just the home world. )
  7. — Improved AI trade sector management including freighters, raiders and escorts
  8. — Improved AI weapon research and loadouts
  9. — Tighter collision / maneuver spheres for Liir and Tarka dreadnought shapes
  10. — Primary PD weapons now picking boarding pods off of allies in combat.
  11. — Reduced Progression Wars stage length.
  12. — Players with non–aggression pacts no longer share sensor data in combat.


  1. — Antiquarians scenario.
  2. — Fleet manager band–boxing.
  3. — New random encounter.
  4. — New avatars and badges.
  5. — Optional axis line rendering overlay for star map.
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