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This is a page on game info for the Suul'ka Horde. For lore go to Zuul

The Suul'ka Horde

Strat Modifiers

  • Major Strategic modifiers:
    • -10% overall research modifier
    • +100% Psionic research (90% effective due to the previous -10%).
    • 790 base max colonization hazard
    • -2% good design attribute (8% effective with centrism government)
    • +2% bad design attribute (12% effective with centrism government)
    • +80% population growth rate
    • +50% biosphere destruction modifier
    • +80% diplomatic action cost modifier
    • -25% chance of pirates

Starting Situation

(things such as Hivers having gate cruisers in starting fleets, Zuul extra planet and rip bores, and Solforce auto nodeline draw go here)

Starting Techs

Default tech setup for Horde is as follows- Plasma Cannon, Red Laser, Green Laser, Green Beamer, UV Laser, Particle Beam, Fusion, Fusion Warhead, Gauss Cannons, Mass Driver, Heavy Driver, Terraforming Bacteria, Polysilicate Alloy, FTL Broadband, FTL Administration, Cruiser Construction, Combat Drones, Rend Drive, and 4 base tree techs- Torpedoes, Directed Energy, Wild Talents and Cyborg Command Systems.

Horde start with the following techs depending on the number of starting techs. All techs are core for Horde. Ex: If you start with 5 techs you will get the 5th and everything above it.

  1. Disruptor
  2. Plasma Focusing
  3. Grapplers
  4. Drone Satellites
  5. Environmental Tailoring
  6. Materials Applications
  7. FTL Economics
  8. Tribute Systems
  9. Orbital Dry-docks
  10. X-Ray Lasers

FTL Mechanics

The Zuul FTL drive is essentially the same as Human node drive with an important difference. Humans only use naturally occurring nodelines whereas Zuul only use artificially bored nodelines. Neither faction can use each other's node lines normally. In special circumstances like node cannon use, ships from both factions can survive being thrown forcibly into nodespace.

The Human nodedrive is the fastest FTL drive with the limitation it has to follow natural node network. The Zuul nodedrive is at most average speed for an FTL drive.

The zuul node lines have to be carved by a special Bore ship. A Bore ship can carve an artificial nodeline between two stars. The artificial node lines are not stable and will decay over time and eventually collapse. Node lines can be "refreshed" by a boreship at any time. There is a limit for a number of artificial pseudo-stable node lines possible for a given bore ship technology. For a cruiser-class rending bore no more than four node lines can be maintained for any time. For a dreadnough class radiant drive no more than five node lines can be maintained. It is possible to carve additional node lines but these are very unstable and are not safe beyond initial traverse if that.

The Bore ship is 1/3 slower than an average Zuul ship of a comparable drive technology. For example the fusion era zuul cruiser can achieve 6ly/turn speed over existing node network. The bore ship can travel at 4ly/turn, which will slow down the entire fleet. In addition to slow base drive speed, bore ships suffer additional 1/3 speed penalty when boring new node lines. For fusion era rending bore, this means 2.7ly/turn speed, the slowest FTL speed for any faction.

It is possible to use relocate missions and reserve transfer to "refresh" borelines without using dedicated fleets. Keep bore ships in reserve and order a transfer or patrol to a system with a decaying node line. Similarly it is possible to attach a bore ship to construction fleets which naturally traverse the nodeline to achieve semi-automatic nodeline upkeep.

Strategic Mechanics

(things such as slaves, growth potential, and cubes go here)

Unique Techs

(do they recieve anything special)

Instead of Xeno-Colloquy and the spinoff techs, Zuul have Tribute Systems, Slave Husbandry and Slave Functionaries.

Unique Sections

Suul'ka Horde do not have AI Command.

However, they have Antimatter Streak Cruiser and Dreadnought sections.

Their special FTL sections are the Cruiser-sized Rending Bore and Dreadnought-sized Radiant Bore.

They have the Scavenger, Subjugator and Wraith Abductor sections to take and transport slaves.

They also have the Devourer.

Diplomatic Relations

(modifiers to relations and such)

Starship Notes

Zuul turn 1 ships are the fastest in the game together with Hiver in tactical combat. Zuul ships have good armor and weak structure. Zuul armor cruisers have the most turrets in the game together with Loa. See general faction turn 1 armor cruiser comparison sheet for details.


(links to articles relating to the faction)

Zuul as a Race


(What conditions are ideal for the dominant race of this faction)

Civilian Behavior

(Things such as Liir extra living space)

Slave Quality

(might be replaced by a table on the Horde page)


Zuul suffer an 80% increased RDP cost for diplomatic actions. Zuul cannot engage in foreign trade and thus cannot issue trade treaties.

Zuul can demand slave tribue and engage in standard diplomatic actions like NAP, limitation treaties, etc.


The Zuul do not suffer from revolts or rebellions due to low morale.