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This is a page on game info for the Tarkasian Empire. For lore go to Tarkas

The Tarkasian Empire

The Tarkas are an easy to medium race to play. Usually Tarkas and Humans are the default starter race to play Sots 2 for new comers. Tarkas have very good cruisers, good starting FTL & STL speeds and 2nd best marines until Liir get theirs. Get on offense early and take whats yours. Keep pushing forward and move fleets up to the front lines. Safe guard important naval stations and keep the homeworld safe. Safe guard important colonies but you can't keep them all safe. This is Sots, the universe will hit you where your weakest. Learn to love it.

Strat Modifiers

  • Planets within a province may have 1 more light years between them.
  • Initial colonization climate hazard range of 675.
  • Tarkas have normal population growth and terraforming.
  • Tarkas have default research bonus of 0%.
  • Tarkas are average overharvesters.
  • Tarkas are excellent ship builders. -9% to prototypes costs for platforms and cruisers.
  • -9% costs to dreadnoughts prototypes. Leviathans prototype costs come in just under -17%.
  • Tarkas have the 2nd strongest marines in game with a decent chances to improve them with psionic tech. Note once Liir get their marines out your dropped to 3rd place.
  • Average crew efficiency and -50% psionic potential. Note some sections are under crewed.
  • Tarkas ships have average maneuverability.
  • Tarkas ships have below average supply and average energy.
  • Tarkas have above average medium and heavy mounts.
  • Tarkas have low armor on their bottoms.
  • Once Tarkas have antimatter warp their trade network becomes decent.

Starting Situation

Tarkas starts with 4 fleets. The 2 survey fleets each have 1 command and control cruiser, 2 supply cruiser and 2 armor cruisers. Construction fleet has 1 CnC cruiser, 2 supply cruisers and 1 constructor. Colonization fleet has 1 CnC cruiser, 1 supply cruisers and 2 colonizer. Turn 1 throw the extra supply ships into the survey fleets to speed up survey time. If potential colonies are nearby fill the colony fleet up. Having another colony fleet is good idea if nearby colonies are plentiful.

Combat early on favors Tarkas. Your race has solid cruisers and good marines to take other ships. Plenty of medium and heavy mounts to dish it out. Forward fire and alpha fire is the Tarkasian way to success. Note: armor on your bottom sections is the weakest point.

Starting Techs and Tech Recommendations

Default tech setup for Tarkas as followed- Plasma Cannon, Red Laser, Green Laser, Green Beamer, UV Laser, Particle Beam, Fusion, Fusion Warhead, Gauss Cannons, Mass Driver, Heavy Driver, Terraforming Bacteria, Polysilicate Alloy, FTL Broadband, FTL Administration, Cruiser Construction, Combat Drones, Hyperfields, and 4 base tree techs- Torpedoes, Directed Energy, Wild Talents and Cyborg Command Systems.

Tarkas start with the following techs depending on the number of starting techs. All techs are core for Tarkas. Ex: If you start with 5 techs you will get the 5th and everything above it.

  1. Disruptor
  2. Fusion Mine
  3. Xeno-Colloquy
  4. Plasma Focusing
  5. Drone Satellites
  6. Environmental Tailoring
  7. Materials Applications
  8. FTL Economics
  9. Orbital Dry-docks
  10. X-Ray Lasers

Tarkas Research Tips:

  • Tarkas get a default 0% bonus to research so choose wisely. Environmental Tailoring to boost your terraforming and boost your population growth. Rush BattleRiders to give the Tarksas a greater edge in combat. Grabbing a Torpedoes tech will give Tarkas solid firepower to keep attackers at bay and most likely lock them down with Disrutors. Getting Shield Technology early can catch your enemies off guard and you'll tank very well. Bolting VRF Systems to get to Phalanx PD cause your enemies to change tactic and safeguard yourself against certain attacks. Try your luck to bolt to Disruptor Whip and fight enemies on your terms. Maybe grabbing an advanced Ballistic Weapons or Energy Weapons tech could safeguard the empire. Tank harder with Liquid Polysteel. Plasma Focusing to boost the range which Tarkas ships can travel. Or FTL Economics if conflict won't be coming for 45+ turns and the empire is in a relatively safe position.
  • When it comes time to pick between Anti-Matter or Dreadnought Construction, first go for antimatter. Tarkas have solid cruisers with good armor and lots of weapon mounts. Antimatter does unlock you a new drive section right away meaning 9 ly/turn FTL and faster STL to boot right away. You can then press onto your drive tree. Yes dreads unlocks Tarkas amazing BCs but that can wait. Your advanced cruisers and nice drive tech will give you a solid edge. This also leads the way to Warp Drive. Warp Pulse alone open many doors for Tarkas to go on offense.
  • Tarkas drive tree is very well rounded starting with Warp which brings solid FTL and STL speeds. Warp Extension is fleets comprised of old ships and new antimatter ships going at the fastest antimatter ship's top FTL speed so hold on to those old ships. Warp Pulse is unlocked for all ships old and new ie mirco warp jumps on the tactical map for all your ships. Kiting is a thing of the past for your enemies. Just don't bump objects using warp pulse otherwise your ships will explode and the bumped objects remain unharmed. And don't forget Warp Veil which basically halves enemy sensor nets from detecting your fleets.

FTL and STL Mechanics

Tarkas use Hyperfields. This FTL technology has no limitations and can take Tarkas anywhere. It starts with 6 light years per turn. Antimatter Shaped Hyperfield increases the speed to 9 ly/turn after researching antimatter. Warp is Tarkas ultimate drive tech. Tarkas top FTL speed is 12 ly/turn. Note: warp does require antimatter.

Early on Tarkas are average to above average both FTL and STL. Later on Tarkas have respectable speeds, though their FTL speed is below average. Tarkas ships are average for maneuverability and acceleration. Also for late game Tarkas can use Warp Pulse to cover lots of ground in tactical combat which gives them an edge. Warning: Don't hit any other object using warp pulse, your ship will be destroyed and the object a ship has hit will remain unharmed.

Note: Tarkas Leviathans are very fast and sometimes the fastest for STL. Also Tarkas can't research and use Streak Drives on their FTL ships and BattleCruisers. They can however salvage it for their BattleRiders.

Ships with warp sections have no exhausts unlike hyperfields and antimatter hyperfields engine sections.

Strategic Mechanics

Tarkas have normal population growth and slightly bigger climate hazard range +25. Getting around the map and expanding with Tarkas should be easy and no FTL limitations. Tarka fleets later on tend to be hard to pick up due to Warp Veil ie Tarka in FTL are 50% less visible to enemy sensors. They also have good chances with cloaking. Early on Tarkas do well with deep space interception but fall from favor as the game continues on. Other races will surpass your FTL speeds. If Tarkas expand well early on and war well early they have good chances of winning. Colonizing expensive worlds might be a problem for Tarkas. Bringing a second filled colony fleet on support wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Helpful Tips:

  • To form fleets have CnC cruisers and a spare admiral to start a fleet. Then drop in additional ships.
  • If the fleet can't reach a destination its endurance is too low. Adding supply ships will help boost the fleets endurance rating (endurance is doubled in your empires supply range).
  • Fleets can perform missions by right clicking systems or right clicking the fleet themselves to take on new missions.
  • Only police cutters, SDBs, platforms and minelayers (turns into minefields) can be placed in defense tab. Battle Manager can help you manager where you place your assets and fleets can be positioned too (don't forget autooptions to auto place defense assets).

Unique Techs

Tarkas have 5 exclusive techs. These techs are (briefly):

  • Hyperfields - Tarkas Basic FTL tech that creates a warp field that surrounds the ship and bends space-time. Top FTL speed 6 ly/turn.
  • Warp - Tarkas ultimate hyper-field technology. Top FTL speed 12 ly/turn.
  • Warp Veil - Tarkas warp bubbles reduce their signatures from enemy sensors by 50%.
  • Warp Extension - The Tarkas warp bubble will surround the fleet and now travel at the fastest FTL ship's speed and not their slowest.
  • Warp Pulse - Tarkas ships in tactical combat can jump 5000 meters quickly with their FTL drives.

Tarkas share with Liir the ability to build BattleCruisers. However, Liir BCs come in three sections like normal Cruisers, while Tarka BCs are mission section-only Hunters. Only one downside to Tarkas BCs is they have no Leviathan BC carriers which the Liir do.

Unique Sections

Tarkas BattleCruisers are mission section-only Hunters.

Tarkas share BC dreadnought carriers sections with the Liir.

Diplomatic Relations

  • Tarkas on first contact favor Humans, Hiver and Loa.
  • Tarkas on first contact tolerate Tarkas and Morrigi.
  • Tarkas on first contact are wary of Liir and Zuul.

(modifiers to relations and such)

Starship Notes

Tarka turn 1 cruisers are below-average on speed with same speed as Morrigi. Armor on command section is strong, otherwise below-average. Structural strength is good. See general faction turn 1 armor cruiser comparison sheet for details.

  • Lower signature on Absorber cruiser (CR) command section (CS) and high turret count on dreadnought (DN) version.
  • Highest structure and lowest signature on AI Command CR CS. DN version has highest structure and highest armor.
  • Tarkas Battle Bridge CS has high weapon counts, high armor and high structure for both CR & DN.
  • Cloaking CR MS has lowest signature, high structure and high armor. It is power thirsty and low maneuvering.
  • Tarkas have an excellent Hammerhead CS for CR with high turret count, armor and structure.
  • Tarkas have a tanky shield CS for CR.
  • Tarkas have a tanky Standard CS with high weapon mounts for both CR and DN. CR has low signature.
  • Tarkas have a tanky strafe CS and 3rd highest weapon mounts.
  • Tarkas have above average armor mission sections (MS) but above average mounts on the DN.
  • Tarkas Battle Rider Carrier MS DN has above average weapon mounts.
  • Tarkas boarding MS CR has 3rd highest pods and early on 2nd best marines early to mid game. Good weapon coverage.
  • Tarkas have solid Barrage MS for CR and DN.
  • Torpedo CR MS has high turret counts.
  • War CR and DN MS has above average turret counts.
  • Interceptor, spinal and patrol rider MS has above average turret counts.
  • Tarkas Carrier MS have above average armor and structure. There turret counts are one of the highest. Tied for 2nd fastest STL speeds.
  • Tarkas Invasion MS have above average armor and structure. There turret counts are one of the highest. Tied for 3rd fastest STL speeds.
  • Tarkas Leviathan MS have above average armor and structure. There turret counts are one of the highest. 2nd fastest STL speeds.
  • Tarkas Super Heavy Transport are above average and tanky. They are tied for fastest STL speeds.
  • Tarkas Fusion Hunter and Antimatter Hunter BCs have high turret counts, solid armor and structure and are very fast.
  • Tarkas Fusion Shaped Hyperfield, Antimatter Shaped Hyperfield and Antimatter Warp have solid armor and structure. Turret mounts are good. Average to above average STL speeds.
  • Sometimes PD coverage on the bottoms leaves more to be desired.
  • Once Tarkas have Warp Pulse their ships can easily intercept and kite enemies on the tactical map.
  • Tarkas riders are above average and some of the best. Tarkas Rider speeds are average to above average.
  • Tarkas BattleCruisers are to be feared. They also have warp pulse ability once researched.
  • Tarkas Leviathans are excellent.


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Misc Notes

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