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The game will contain an in game reference that will detail the history, culture and backstory of the SotS universe, as well as gameplay features. [1] It is alternately called the "SotSpedia", the "Encyclopedia of the Stars" (or EoS) and the "Sword of the Stars Encyclopedia".

The SotSpedia will "unlock" as the player continues to play the game. (not currently implemented)

The SotSpedia will contain much more background fiction than the original manual, and incorporate a lot of the material which has emerged from the long-term engagement with the fan base on the forums, so essentially the distilled essence of all of those threads that go on for 30-70 pages in the Races forum, as well as a lot of new material. This means the new release will contain at least 10 times the amount of Lore as the original manual. [2]

The SotSpedia can be updated like any other part of the game, [3] so additional content could be added by Kerberos as more lore is created.

User Content

A part of all the pages of the SotSpedia will be editable by the user and can be shared between users. [4] All player entries are displayed in the "Marginalia" section, next to the main article that they relate to. Player entries will be stored in a separate clearly marked file (and apparently tagged to the parent article) that can then be sent to whomever the player wishes via email (or whatever other method the player chooses). [5] The system reads every player entry file in the appropriate folder and then displays the contents in the marginalia with the source label. [6]


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