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Science Stations can be an important aspect of gameplay in Sword of the Stars 2. Even a small basic Science Station will give the player early warning on all events in the “Menace” Category, and will give a small bonus to the speed of Research and Development.

In addition, the player will have the option of adding Laboratory Modules to any basic Science Station. The Technology Tree of Sword of the Stars 2 is divided into many trunks; each of these trunks represents a Discipline of scientific study. It will be possible to build and staff up Lab Modules in any of these Disciplines. Such Labs may be attached to any Science Station in your empire.

Once a Lab Module for a certain Discipline is built, it offers various benefits.

1) A small increase in the speed of research in this area when a funded project is underway.

2) A decrease in the rate of decay for Reservoirs of accumulated research toward a certain technology, even when funded research is not underway. [1]

The player will need a science station to study Independent Colonies and Minor Races. [2] The Science Station must be built around the specific planet of Independent Race is on as building it around another planet in the system will not get you the necessary Special Project. [3]

Science Stations come in five basic sizes or phases of development. At each Upgrade level, the station will be able to accomplish more scientific research and will hold more data. The player should plan the upgrade of Science Stations carefully, particularly in the placement of Lab Modules. By concentrating the Lab Modules of a certain discipline in one Station, the player may eventually be able to build a Science Center which specializes in only one type of research.

Additional Info

There are many special locations that invite special study. People who are not shy about building Field Stations that aspire to nothing more may reap a great deal of benefit from them. [4]


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